Economy of Australia

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  • Australian Culture Analysis

    I found it interesting how Australia is currently caught between its geographical ties & historical ties. Geographically its makes sense to align with Asia during the Asian century, however strong historical with Europe and the USA make this quite challenging. Therefore as a country we are torn between leaving the West for the East. I also found it interesting how the concept of Asia is like talking about another world. I think many Australians consider the Asian lifestyle to be inferior and…

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  • How Did The Vietnam War Affect Australia

    important we make friends with our neighbours.” In the past especially during the Vietnam War, Australia may have overlooked any Eastern relationships by focusing instead on Western alliances. This quote…

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  • Conscription Vietnam War Analysis

    It allowed Australia to create a new national identity that was not based on the masculinity and importance of war for men, rather it had grounds in a society that was able to initiate change. It did negatively cause significant change in a short period of time which…

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  • Hotel Bone Poem Analysis

    Q. 1 Write about 3 lines for each of the following about the significance for Indigenous Land Rights in Australia: (a) “Terra nullius” Terra Nullius means that land without. When Captain Cook and his crew was in Australia , they decided the land was Terra Nullius. They acknowledge Indigenous people because of their primitive life. The High Court's Mabo judgement overturned the Terra Nullius fiction in 1982. (b) Protective legislation Victoria enacted Aboriginal protection act. This act…

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  • Australian Aboriginal Culture

    Introduction Australia, also known as “The Land Down Under” due to its position in the southern hemisphere, is a beautiful continent full of rich history and amazing sights, sounds, and tastes. It’s because of this country’s natural allure that we have chosen to outline some important facts for anyone who would like to travel to this destination. Outlined in this document are detailed topics with information regarding history, geography, traditions, language, music, entertainment, and food.…

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  • The Importance Of Loyalty In World War I

    Tasmanian economy, with the loss of the German, Austrian, and Hungarian trade markets. Despite the state’s economic crisis, the loss of their trade wasn’t critical or devastating due to Australia’s obligatory hatred towards Germany and allies over the war. The disruption also boosted the Australian manufacturing, with companies obtaining many new export trade deals – Australia’s steel and chemical industries received a significant boost. It was during the years following the war, when…

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  • William Trutt Black Thursday Analysis

    Kevin Parlato Global Context William Strutt Painting “Black Thursday” Australia has a unique but dark past when it comes to its colonial history. Remnants of this past still linger as significant problems for the modern era. These problems expose themselves in many aspects of the Australian culture such as politics, social ques, and art. If a foreigner, such as myself, takes a look at Australian art, I take it in at face value. It would take lots of research to determine any cultural…

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  • M Alaysia Case Study Thank you for Donating Australia'srelationshipwithMalaysia Australiahasastrong and extremely reliable relationship with M alaysia, being Australia's 9th biggest tradingpartner.Other connectionsinclude: - The total value of trade between Australia and M a l a y s i a i s 17 , 4 5 6 m i l l i o n A u s t r a l i a n D o l l a r s - Thevalueof exportsis6,137million Australian Dollars - Thevalueofimportsis11,319millionAustralian Dollars - In 2012,the M AFTA (M alaysian-Australian…

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  • Compare And Contrast Indonesia And Australian Economy

    particularly in their economies. Both are mixed market economies, but while Australia’s economy is well developed and has a large proportion of government interference helping to make Australia one of the most desirable nations to live in, Indonesia’s economy is less advanced with a lower level of income per capita and a lower standard of living than Australia. Though Australia is four times larger than Indonesia, Indonesia’s population is ten times that of Australia’s. Australia is also a…

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  • Sally's Story Analysis

    Sally’s Story Sally’s Story illustrates the life of an average Aboriginal family in Australia. The southern British Commonwealth during that period of time was a far cry from its colonial past, where Aborigines were singled out for persecution. Yet, life for members of the Aboriginal population remains to be a struggle in a subtle but present manner. Indigenous Australians faced difficulties from greater economic hardships caused by poverty and unemployment to social stigma and discrimination,…

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