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  • Specialty In Nursing

    The Nursing Specialty for Me When I first entered into the field of nursing I was unsure of what kind of nursing I wanted to go into, mostly because I had little experience in the healthcare setting. Actually, before I wanted to go into nursing, I thought about becoming a radiology technician. But, I soon realized that it was not for me; I did not like the concept of getting a patient in and out of your work area as fast as you can without even knowing the whole background of the current situation. Now, after many clinical rotations and multiple classes focusing on different specialties, I have chosen a few that I am interested in: emergency nursing, pediatric nursing, and mental health/psychiatric nursing. Emergency Nursing A huge part of…

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  • The National Organization Of Nurse Practitioner Faculties Case Analysis

    A scientific foundation for a nurse practitioner is comprised of a myriad of components ranging from one’s ability to translate evidence-based research into clinical practice to using electronic databases to formulate research questions. Healthcare has transformed from traditional practice which is found to be outdated to practice guidelines supported by evidence-based practice (Facchiano & Snyder, 2012). The nurse practitioner that was interviewed explained that during the start of her…

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  • Caitlyn Brassington: The Importance Of Nursing

    am just a nurse. I have counseled grieving parents after the loss of a child, and yet I am just a nurse. I have performed CPR on patients and brought them back to life, and yet I am just a nurse.” Caitlyn also mentions that she is the ears, eyes, and hands of medical officers, and misses out of Christmas Days and the birthdays of her children whilst she cares of people. “I have the experience and knowledge that has saved people’s lives. So, if I’m just a nurse, then I am ridiculously proud to be…

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  • Home Care Model

    3.3.2 Market role in the home care services in urban China Market is increasingly involved in the direct services in China. In elderly care practice in urban China, some international policies referring to marketisation of care (i.e. contracting out services to private providers, cash for care, tax concessions, subsidies, etc.), have been applied for trials to encourage the participation of various social resources (Jing, 2009). For example, driven by the ideas of ‘small state’ and ‘indirect…

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  • Narrative Essay About Moving Into My Life

    glimpse into my life journey and the challenges I faced along the way. The ordeal of this chapter of my life started in 2011 when I moved my family from our comfortable 4 bedroom house in Indiana into a small crowded 3 bedroom apartment in downtown Freehold, New Jersey. The purpose of the move was to support my decision to attend the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Monmouth University. I was prepared for the move mentally and emotionally but certainly not financially. Without the support…

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  • Case Study: Marketization Of Home Care For Older People

    2.2 Marketisation of home care for older people The older care at home in this study would include the care services of personal routines, including nursing, body-related support, home help and befriending taken place at older people’s home by paid care worker rather than family members, following the embracement of domiciliary elderly care of Bode et al (2013) and Bolton and Wibberley (2014). The home care has been increasingly operated according to market mechanism and portrayed as the ideal…

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  • Empowering Service Users And Equality Analysis

    4.1.1 Empowering service users and equality Based on the theories of neo-classical economics, Greener (2008) proposes two main types of benefits of the promotion of markets in welfare service delivery: empowering purchasing power of service users, and improving competition and efficiency of providers. These benefits of marketisation represent in the field of care for older people. The market provision empowers service users to ‘exercise consumer sovereignty’ (Greener, 2008) through greater…

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  • Advanced Practice Nursing Research Paper

    Westfall RN Home address: 14017 Cedarwood Drive SW, Cumberland, MD 21502 Work address: 12500 Willowbrook Road, Cumberland, MD 21502 Phone: 301-707-5359 Email address: Education: Bachelors of Nursing, September 2016, Chamberlain College of Nursing, 3005 Highland Pkwy, Downers Grove, IL 60515 Associates Degree in Nursing, December 2015, Allegany College of Nursing, 12401 Willowbrook Rd, Cumberland, MD 21502 Professional Employment: Operating room nurse, January 2016-current,…

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  • Theory Of Caring Paper

    The theory of Caring as Nursing is concerned with caring being an unselfish act. It is also focused on a lived shared experience between the one providing care and the ones being cared for, in other words, a nursing situation (Boykin & Schoenhofer, 2013). The concept of caring is concerned with the demonstrating kindness and concern for others. In nursing, the expression of caring entails committed engagement, undivided attention, opportunities for questioning all in an attempt to address an…

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  • Peritoneal Dialysis Program Case Study

    Objectives were written and goals put in place. The initial objective was to form a multidisciplinary team of which Ms. Upham took the lead. The team consists of the following: The Nephrologist in charge of the program, the Medical Director, Surgeon, Infection Control Physician and Preventionist, the Nurse Manager, Staff members assisting with the program, Dietician, Social Worker and Ms. Upham. The team met regularly over an 8 month period of time to formulate and develop evidence based…

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