The Role Of Market Role In The Home Care Services In Urban China

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3.3.2 Market role in the home care services in urban China
Market is increasingly involved in the direct services in China. In elderly care practice in urban China, some international policies referring to marketisation of care (i.e. contracting out services to private providers, cash for care, tax concessions, subsidies, etc.), have been applied for trials to encourage the participation of various social resources (Jing, 2009). For example, driven by the ideas of ‘small state’ and ‘indirect state’, contracting out part of the services to private institutions is a reasonable choice for the state (Jing, 2009). In 2000, the Civil Affairs Bureau in Shanghai tested the older care at home trials in 12 jiedao (sub-district as the smallest political
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The market model emphasizes the efficiency through the competition among service providers. In Jingan district, the NGO of ‘Office of meal project for older people’, worked as the media between the state and the market for older care services. As Jing (2009) argued, the market model will get more applications in home care for older people in urban China. Competition, standardized operating procedures, performance management, and transparent market mechanisms would gain more attention to achieve the gradual standardization of older care …show more content…
The function of family for older care has gradually degraded, which can no independently take the responsibility to care for older people. The care system for older people turns from traditional family care system (family members as the only responsible subject to older care) to the modern home care (mixed responsibility of family, state, and society) (Ding, 2013). The state suggested three principles of modern home care in China: first, the home care system encourages self-support, supplemented by family and community (the basic care services from family members is still the main source for the older people); second, it suggests home care as the main methods with supplement by community and institutions, which is based on the tradition and culture of China; third, family takes the main responsibility for older care, supplemented by the state and society (State Council, 2012; Ding,

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