Marketisation Of Home Care For Older People Case Study

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2.2 Marketisation of home care for older people
The older care at home in this study would include the care services of personal routines, including nursing, body-related support, home help and befriending taken place at older people’s home by paid care worker rather than family members, following the embracement of domiciliary elderly care of Bode et al (2013) and Bolton and Wibberley (2014). The home care has been increasingly operated according to market mechanism and portrayed as the ideal type of older care (formal and informal care) for recent two decades, saving cost of the state and giving independence to older people (Bolton and Wibberley, 2014).
In the field of home care for older people, market-oriented reforms (Nyssens et al.,
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Home Care for Older People in Urban China
As the above analysis, marketisation of older care is a context-sensitive approach. This section would illustrate the general environmental changes in China after 1990s as well as the changing roles of state, market, family and the third sector in the older care service provision in urban China. Based on weaken traditional familial care (provided by family members) and limited residential care (provided by institutions) for older people in urban China, home care (provided or supported by hired care workers) has been promoted in urban China.
3.1 Changing background of older care in urban China
In general, welfare regime in China has developed and experienced new pressures after the ‘Reform and Open’ in 1978 and further marketisation trend in the many sectors. The state, work units, family, and social organisations play new roles in the context of marketisation and globalisation, from the ‘state welfare model’ to the ‘socialization of social policy’(Guan, 2000). Alongside the unprecedented ageing pace in urban China, changes in each sector (family model, labour market reforms, demographic changes, welfare providers transformation, etc.) challenged the old care system for older people and pushed it for reforms. The globalisation also pushed the sudden burst of marketisation of care in China (Ochiai,

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