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    What 's Love Got to Do With It The masculinity of a man for centuries means considerably more than just strength, when in contracts to the femininity of a woman. Men have deconstructed women by their vulnerability of emotions and thus using their masculinity to inflict abuse against women. How this old perplexing distinction of manipulative abuse is utilized by men, will have an important role to play when using an eye- to- eye perspective leads in abusive relationships and self-discovery. In the biographical film directed by Brian Gibson "What 's Love Got to Do with It" highlights the depiction of the 1939 Anna Mae Bullock, otherwise known as Tina Turner. The sweet southern Tennessee young woman, alongside her families imperfections, is less than short when she encounters Ike Turner. The shy and vulnerable Anna Mae Bullock, is shown a new world of beauty and glamour; after years the now representable R&B singer finds herself battling with a devastating situation: from the endless emotional and physical abuse of Ike Turner. The relationship between the two individuals begins the domino-effect gathering downfalls from the perfect man to unmask secrets within him. Due to the revelation of male masculinity the violence become worse as Tina Tuner no longer needs Ike Turner. In the biographical film directed by Brian Gibson "What 's Love Got to Do with It" the antagonist Ike Turner portrayed himself as a gentlemen in contract to the power hungry abuser he really is.…

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