O. J. Simpson murder trial

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  • O. J. Simpson Case Study

    On June 12, 1994 at about 10:15 pm (Courier Post Online, 2016) Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of Orenthal James "O. J." Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally stabbed to death in the front yard of Nicole’s home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, all while Nicole’s two children were still asleep in the house. After the bodies were discovered, the next of kin for both families needed to be contacted. Officers were sent to the home of O.J. Simpson to notify him of his ex-wife’s death. When officers arrived at his house, they attempted to make contact with him, but no one was answering the door. At this time detective Mark Fuhrman was walking the street near O.J.’s home, and detected blood on the outside of O.J.’s white Bronco. Under the impression that Mr. Simpson was in danger, the officers jumped the gate at the front of his house and proceeded around the back of the house. Here they were met by Kato Kaelin, a friend of Mr. Simpson, who currently lived at the house. The officers were then informed that Mr. Simpson was in Chicago. All of the officers at that time decided to leave, aside from detective Fuhrman; he stayed behind to continue to talk to Kaelin. As Fuhrman was leaving, he spotted a black glove that was the same kind of glove…

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  • The OJ Simpson Trial Of The Century

    The OJ Simpson murder trial is often regarded as the trial of the century, but was it actually? There are many questions in this trial that will be highlighted, like the evidence against OJ, and how he got the cut on his hand, and why the prosecution made OJ try on the bloody gloves. Also, was there another killer? Could it have been OJ’s son, Jason Simpson? Finally, why was the black community so overwhelmed when OJ was acquitted? First, what evidence was found that would make people believe…

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  • O. J Simpson Trial: How The Media And Race Influenced The Decision

    The O.J. Simpson Trial: How the Media and Race Influenced the Decision The legal decision of The People versus O.J. Simpson forever changed legal proceedings in our country, and is regarded as one of the most controversial court rulings in American history. The murder trial was unique due to the high profile status of the people involved, the circumstances surrounding the crime, and the media attention that the case received from the media. The crime occurred in 1994 Los Angeles, a racially…

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  • The Reality Of OJ Simpson's Trial

    The reality of OJ Simpson’s Trial Present to Mr. Hyatt Presented by Aiyana Barnes O.J. Simpson was convicted of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. There are three crucial factors with the evidence against him. First, the L.A.P.D. has been proven corrupt and racially biased. Second, the evidence, including blood samples, and the glove from the scene of the crime. Third, the juries from during the trial were all mainly African American, so they began to have a race issue. The Simpson…

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  • The Importance Of Forensic Evidence

    blood evidence. Forensic odontology is the specialty that can relate the importance of dental evidence to an investigation (Souviron). This includes identifying victims or suspects based on their own dental records or analyzing teeth and bite marks left at the crime scene or on the victim. Evidence of bite marks is especially prevalent in violent sexual crimes, such as rape; studies estimate that the victims of a violent sex crime have a 99% chance of being bitten by their attacker (Bowers…

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  • Barry Scheck Case

    Barry Scheck worked his way up the ladder of the law field slowly, but surely. Beginning in 1987, Scheck was the personal lawyer for Hedda Nussbaum. Through rigorous work, blood, sweat and tears Scheck got all charges dropped against Nussbaum and then got Joel Sternberg, her abuser, arrested in criminal court as well as sued in civil court. Then in 1995 Scheck joined the O.J. Simpson trial. Earning him large amounts of publicity. Scheck was the DNA examiner for the O.J. case.He crossed the…

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  • Analysis Of The Rape Capital, By Jon Krakauer

    Jon Krakauer tells of how a close friend of his wife and himself had been twice sexually assaulted by someone they knew. Shocked Jon Krakauer seeks to find out more about these occurrences and this leads him to Missoula, Montana, the titular town of the book and how it came to be known as “The Rape Capital” of the United States. He begins by explaining the importance of college football to this community and how the pride they took in the sport led to the veneration of star athletes. He…

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  • Why Was Everybody So Fascinated With The Oj Simpson Trial

    with the O.J. Simpson trial? When we hear the name Orenthal James Simpson we don’t think of his Heisman trophy or his first overall pick in the NFL Draft. We think about the trial of the century, the double murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The O.J. case was one of the first cases nationally televised; being televised people got to see what happened and therefore, started the fascination with the case. But what made it so fascinating? Was it him being famous, the media, a car…

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  • Mockingbird Vs Simpson

    prejudice and segregation in the fictional town of Maycomb. Orenthal James Simpson was also an African-American and he was convicted of a double murder in…

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  • The Murders Of O. J. Simpson's Trial

    “Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were fatally stabbed on the evening of June 12, 1994, their bodies discovered early the next morning… O.J. Simpson, her ex-husband, was acquitted Oct. 3, 1995, of their deaths in a trial that riveted the nation and divided many along racial lines” (latimes.com editors). The trial faced many challenges during the time, it was even considered the “Trial of the Century” because it caused so much controversy. O.J. Simpson was an American Football…

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