Analysis Of What's Love Got To Do With It

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What 's Love Got to Do With It The masculinity of a man for centuries means considerably more than just strength, when in contracts to the femininity of a woman. Men have deconstructed women by their vulnerability of emotions and thus using their masculinity to inflict abuse against women. How this old perplexing distinction of manipulative abuse is utilized by men, will have an important role to play when using an eye- to- eye perspective leads in abusive relationships and self-discovery.

In the biographical film directed by Brian Gibson "What 's Love Got to Do with It" highlights the depiction of the 1939 Anna Mae Bullock, otherwise known as Tina Turner. The sweet southern Tennessee young woman, alongside her families imperfections,
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The fact that Ike was using Tina without any remorse for her is signified through her singing in the recording booth "You better sing like your life depended on it"(What 's Love Got to Do With It). Once after telling his wife this he proceeded to sexually assault his wife. Ike had meant what he was telling Tina and showed her his lack of emotion and used his masculinity to take advantage of her. If a man can rape a woman, there is nothing he cannot do, therefore when he told her to "sing like her life depended on it" (What 's Love Got to Do With It) it was not only words spoken from a power hungry man, Ike was actually, at some point in this abusive relationship going to kill her. Or was he? Ike was using his male dominance now that Tina was alone without any friends and family to go as far as he could. Once a man has taken complete control of a woman they are without a doubt scared for their lives. "Women were much more likely than men to report being fearful for themselves and their children, and to have depression, anxiety attacks sleeping problems, and lowered self-esteem as a result of abuse"(Todd, Lundy 6 ). How could a man known as the caregiver assault his wife to the point where she is terrified for her and her children 's lives. This is in fact the mass …show more content…
For the sake of Tina Tuners children, she had lost herself into an abusive relationship for many years. Until she begins to get her thoughts back from the help of her friend Jackie. "I know what it feels like to have my family walkout on me Jackie" (What 's love Got to Do With It). Tina is excepting using her past as her excuse for staying in her marriage with Ike Turner. The first stage of self discovery in understanding your mistakes and where it had evolved from. Jackie was the reason for opening Tina 's eyes to see the world for what is was, she began to teach Tina the Buddhist chant "nam-myoho-renge-kyo"(What 's Love Got to Do With It) this Buddist chant, not only saved her life but allowed her to find herself. As time progressed in her new self discovery, Tina Turner found her voice. In the first stages of violent behaviour from Ike Turner he used emotional vulnerability to remove Anna Mae Bullock 's voice. In later days, Tina Turner is now taking her voice back, meaning she is no longer being a victim of Ike Turners abuse. A man can only abuse what is vulnerable to him, when a woman begins to fight back a trigger begins to take place in a mans mind. In the limo scene, Ike proceeded with his regular routine of violence abuse. This time however Tina Turner fought back, hitting him in the genitals then telling him "is that all you got" (What 's Love Got to Do

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