Domestic Violence Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… L (2013), Why abused women stay in bad relationships; Retrieved August 16, 2014, from
This source documents research on females whom stayed in an abusive relationship fearing of retaliation or in a hope of changing the abusing partner. The research shows the complications to the situations, particularly how a woman who’s being abused still tries to maintain a positive image to the world about their relationship. Some of the women who attempted leaving the relationship ended up with no societal support, or worse yet, died. This article gains credibility from its’ author Leslie Steiner. Leslie is volunteers for the National Domestic Violence/Abuse Hotline, and is also on the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project. This article supports my thesis by showing the why behind the silence that many abused females choose to
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It shows how sexual abuse against a female can link to domestic terrorism. The book brings about some interesting parallels between a public trauma (terrorism) and a private trauma (rape). It also discusses the way that these public traumas can leave scars, which is akin to the lasting scars and loss of self respect which can occur within a female who has suffered sexual abuse. This source gains credibility from the author, Dr. Judith Herman. Dr. Herman is a professor at Harvard University and also the director of training for victim violence at the Cambridge Hospital. This book is a source which will reinforce my thesis, and show how males obtain sexual control over females and the effects this exertion of control …show more content…
S., Quiroga S. S., (December 2000), Meeting the Needs of Survivors, Department of Status of Women, City and County of San Francisco. Retrieved August 9, 2014, from
This source is a survey conducted by members of Department of Status of women, city and county of San Francisco regarding why women don’t fight back against domestic abuse. This survey was conducted via telephone interviews with approximately 25% of the female population in the county participating. Results clearly showed that females tolerated the abuse to attempt to maintain a stable relationship, and positive appearance to society. This source gains credibility from the scholars conducting the research: Jennifer L. Price, Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, Seline Szkupinski Quiroga for Department of Status of Women of City and County of San Francisco. These surveys were completed personally by calling women and asking about the factors related to domestic violence and abuse. This source affirms my thesis, and provides statistical data regarding the silence of females in an abusive

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