Advanced Practice Nursing Research Paper

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Advanced Practice Nurse Development The development of a plan for an advanced practice nurse will allow the newly graduated family nurse practitioner to find a job. The newly graduated nurse practitioner must know their roles and scope of practice. The graduate advanced practice nurse must be competent, knowledgeable, and demonstrate critical thinking, self-awareness, and effective interpersonal and leadership skills to make a successful transition into the work environment. The advanced practice nurse must use evidence-based practice, research, collaboration, and consultations to stay informed. The advanced practice nurse must be grounded with leadership skills in ethical values. The advanced practice nurse must be able to demonstrate knowledge and communicate with others to …show more content…
Westfall RN
Home address: 14017 Cedarwood Drive SW, Cumberland, MD 21502
Work address: 12500 Willowbrook Road, Cumberland, MD 21502
Phone: 301-707-5359
Email address:
Education: Bachelors of Nursing, September 2016, Chamberlain College of Nursing, 3005 Highland Pkwy, Downers Grove, IL 60515
Associates Degree in Nursing, December 2015, Allegany College of Nursing, 12401 Willowbrook Rd, Cumberland, MD 21502 Professional Employment: Operating room nurse, January 2016-current, Western Maryland Regional Medical Center. The circulating nurse that takes care of patients while the surgeon is operating on them.
Operating room technician, September 2003-January 2016, Western Maryland Regional Medical Center. Assisting the surgeon with surgeries by passing and holding instruments.
Presentations: I currently do in-services for co-workers like fire safety in the OR and malignant hyperthermia.
Licensure: Registered Nursing license, R219911, Maryland
Professional Honors: I received a scholarship to nursing school. The Nurse Excellence Award Scholarship. Western Maryland Regional Medical Center, September 2013. I also set on the infection control committee at the

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