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  • Persuasive Essay On Metal Braces

    What I Already Knew / What I Wanted to Know “I’ll look ridiculous having braces in my twenties, how embarrassing. Braces are for teenagers,” mentioned my sister one day. I understood why she felt like that, there was definitely a stigma behind getting metal braces, but then my Grandma went on to mention something called Invisalign. Since my sister’s main problem with metal braces is she’s concerned with how she will look, my Grandma pointed out it may be a good thing to look into. But looking back on the conversation, we didn’t really know much about Invisalign and how it actually works. Mostly I just knew that Invisalign is marketed as a newer, sleeker way of fixing imperfections in a person’s smile. I also knew that while Invisalign has been growing in popularity in the last decade or so, I had always been told that Invisalign can end up costing more than traditional braces, depending on the treatment. To help fully understand Invisalign and whether it’d be a good option for my sister, I needed to discover and find out a few more things about what exactly they are. How do the costs compare to…

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  • Clear Aligners

    dentist that often. Some of these treatments can be done at home. Yet, there is discomfort every update, discomfort that usually goes away after the first day or two. In some cases, clear aligners may not get the job done. This is true when the client has smaller teeth, or when there are moving molars. And of course, since they are removable, it’s easier to lose clear aligners. Parents who feel their kids are undisciplined are circumspect due to this concern. How Dentists Can Offer Clear…

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  • Invisalign Precautions

    Invisalign® FAQs The Invisalign system is a set of transparent aligners that are used to straighten teeth. Is Invisalign suitable for my lifestyle? Snacking anytime you want isn't a problem. Just remove your aligners then eat and drink like normal. Maintain healthy teeth and gums by removing your aligners to brush and floss on a regular basis. Do you have a special evening planned? You can temporarily remove your Invisalign aligners. Do your normal daily activities, you don't have to change…

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  • Essay On Invisalign

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Greenville, SC) Palmetto Family Orthodontics proudly announces the launch of a new website to educate patients and the public about the numerous benefits of Invisalign. Patients love Invisalign, as this treatment option eradicates many of the downsides traditionally associated with orthodontic treatment. Individuals wishing to learn more can visit this website and then contact the office for a free initial consultation, a $250 value. "Straighten teeth invisibly with the…

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  • Invisalign Regime

    Adults who want to straighten their teeth or fix a dental problem may also consider discretion as part of their orthodontic plan. Invisalign is the answer for a beautiful smile without advertising the fact every time you open your mouth. Invisalign is a welcome alternative to fixed braces that have brackets, wires and rubber bands. An Invisalign regime involves clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth almost the same way a mouth guard does. Every two weeks, you get a new aligner that…

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  • Invisalign Research Paper

    When looking at treatment options for misaligned teeth, Invisalign is one you can't ignore. Over the years, medical technology has grown, and one of its byproducts is Invisalign. These are clear aligners that orthodontists use when straightening crooked teeth. The use of Invisalign has more people going for the treatment of misaligned teeth. Some people think that the invisible nature of Invisalign is the reason they are so popular. However, that is only part of it. You can learn more about what…

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  • Invisalign Case Study

    Dr. Irina Trakhtman is a Certified ClearCorrect Aligner Therapy Dentist in North Brunswick, Central New Jersey. Consider Invisalign therapy to get the beautiful, straight teeth you've always wanted — without metal braces. An initial cosmetic consultation with Dr. Trakhtman will allow you to know whether Invisalign therapy is right for you. What is Invisalign? Invisalign is the invisable and simple way to straighten your teeth without wearing braces, so that you can show off your smile! How…

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  • Advantages Of Invisalign System

    The Invisalign system gets results by utilizing clear aligners to shift your teeth with controlled force, similar to the way that standard metal orthodontic appliances do. There are numerous sets of aligners used for each step of treatment to move your teeth into the correct position. There are various added benefits of The Salt Lake Invisalign system. Below are a few: Easily-removed: Since the Invisalign aligners are detachable, you can take them out to drink and eat during meal time. This…

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  • Invisalign Braces Research Paper

    dream always been to have that straightened sexy set of teeth? Invisalign braces is perfectly designed for you. Just as its name implies, Invisalign braces are beautiful, clear and almost invisible teeth braces that consist of a number of custom made, clear plastic tray braces. They are replaceable every two weeks to keep your teeth moving in the desired direction. The following are the 7 reasons why Invisalign Braces are the most popular braces: 1. They are invisible Are you holding back that…

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  • Explain Why Should I Feel Confident About Invisalign

    Why should I feel confident about Invisalign? Invisalign is a revolutionary method to straighten your teeth. It is great alternative to traditional metal braces. The use of wire hardware to straighten teeth is notorious for its discomfort and impracticality. Not only that, but it also carries the possibility of other, more serious problems, such as plaque build-up, tooth/bracket breakage or even tooth loss, due to decay from not being able to clean your teeth properly under the wire obstruction.…

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