Effects Of Urbanization In Southeast Asia

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With an increasing population the countries of Southeast Asia cannot escape rapid urbanization. Generally people from rural areas will move to urban areas for different reasons, but mostly for the opportunities that come with urban areas. These can be employment opportunities that are not otherwise available in rural areas or better paying employment. Although one problem may be that even urban areas may not be equipped to sustain all the people that move in from the rural areas and this will leave many people living in poverty. Meaning that metro areas may not be ready for such migrations and there may be problems for those people. Certain things need to happen to be able to successfully hold new large populations in urban areas, there needs to be employment opportunities, there needs to be sufficient infrastructure that is built up to a certain standard, and there needs to be a transportation system that is adequate for any given amount of people. …show more content…
For example the effects of deforestation or pollution will affect the surrounding countries, and while contributing to global warming eventually the whole world. As a result of rapid urbanization there is usually a higher amounts of traffic, which means pollution levels rise. Southeast Asia currently has terrible pollution and many people have gotten sick from the poor air quality and many have even died from complications as a result. As it stands Southeast Asia is in a position where it is almost impossible to reverse its’ air quality quickly, it will take many years for some reversal to start to show. The problem of this terrible pollution originated in Indonesia but it is heavily affecting the surrounding Southeast Asian countries as

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