Of Public Management's Backbone: The Rule Of Law?

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In Chapter Four: “Public Management’s Backbone: The Rule of Law” (pp. 89-286) of Public Management: A Three-Dimensional Approach, Laurence Lynn and Carolyn Hill have explicitly elaborated on the application of the rule of law on matters associated with the public management. It has been considered as the backbone to the concept of public management in relation to how it is constituted and formalized in ensuring that it is of great significance in the process of its application. The chapter begins by discussing what is all about the Rule of Law and continues by analyzing the central concepts of public management such as checks and balances, and building on the logic of constitutional governance. As part of the first four chapters that elaborates on the foundational basics, chapter four has presented an in-depth …show more content…
Impressive illustrations of informative processes of accountability and how human nature is practically engaged in the process of public decision-making have been analyzed throughout the chapter. Understanding that public management practice is a process that is made up of the contextual language that is extracted from legal documents such, including laws and regulations, is imperative in building on the values and principles of accountability. Such informative perspective and the analysis established throughout the chapter on the critical public management events and present-day issues is a significant platform for testing on how the concept of public management is being conceptualized and its impact felt in different sections of application. A logical sequence that is associated with public management skill building and understanding has been addressed in this chapter in a more constructive

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