Black Rhino Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Poachers kill them mainly for their horns and tails. People would pay about $50,000 for two horns from one single black rhino. That’s a lot of money involved so poachers can’t resist it. In some cultures, superstition also plays a roll for black rhino’s body parts; the people used to hang one of their tails in a room where a woman is giving birth and it’s suppose to help ease with labor pains. Since some people believe in that they would go out and buy a rhino’s tail. Black rhinos are like elephants, they are an important part of the ecosystem and killing them off will ruin the balance of it. How the rhinos are in the ecosystems, if they are put in another environment they will help make the habitat grow even faster. From the website WWF Rhino Conservation, they had stated, “rhinos have ranged far and wide across Africa and formed a magnificent part of our culture and natural heritage for thousands of years. Long before becoming part of the iconic Big Five, rhinos were revered by African royalty as epitomized by the Golden Rhino buried with the King of Mapungubwe 800 years ago.” So since back in that time rhinos were respected and worshiped, people should continued this way of looking at a rhino instead of dollar signs. If more people look at rhinos this way in life, it will help save rhinos even more before they become …show more content…
The panda pelt is the panda’s skin and which people would sell them as a coat or other material goods. The website Animal Port has stated this about poaching pandas, “They are poached for their skin, which has a great value in the international market. The soft skin of Pandas is used for making bags, and is sold for thousands of dollars.” People will pay top dollar for their skin, and because panda’s skin are so rare its even more money. People have sold panda pelts for about $80,000. The rate of poaching of pandas has gone down due to restricted laws and the pandas are much more protected with these laws. If someone gets caught poaching a panda they will get about 10 years in prison. Pandas are very important on this earth because they help with out in the bamboo forest, they will roam around and spread seeds and facilitating growth of

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