Injustice Of Animal Injustice

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Animal Injustice
*Bang Bang* The lion looks behind him, and sees the source of the loud shots. He begins tearing through the wild grasses that slap him in his golden brown muzzle and tickle his brown paws. Heavy steps follow the lion as he begins to put on speed. He leaps over a fallen tree and clips his claw on a sharp piece of hidden rock. *bang, bang, BANG*. The lion feels an extreme shooting pain in his shoulder that is so intense it causes him to loose his stride and stumble to the ground. Unable to run any further, the lion knows he will have to face his attacker. He gets to his paws hesitantly and roars a challenge. Blood drips on the floor beneath him. He thinks about his pride, his cubs, and his mates.
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He falls dead to the floor, after roaring in agony, a sound that echoes through the savanna. The hunter kicks the lion and grabs it by its tail. Its fur will fetch a good price at the black market. The hunter then tracks down the lion 's pride and sells the cubs off to a cruel circus that starves its animals. The lionesses are thrown into a zoo, living out their days in misery. Just like the lions, being killed by hunters, sold, or being put in captivity are common and gruesome fates that fauna are forced to endure. These are forms of animal cruelty, which is present in most parts of the world, but the "... Egypt, Spain, China, Australia, and Japan.." are the top 5 countries with the most gruesome animal abuse according to Sadly, animals all over the globe are mistreated. Pit bulls are, used in vicious fights to gain money. Lions, tigers, orcas, dolphins, and elephants are beaten and enslaved for 'entertainment purposes ' like in circuses and zoo/aquarium shows. Poaching, and other forms of animal cruelty, should be illegal in all parts of the world. To completely get rid of animal injustice, we need to focus more on hunting and abuse, …show more content…
Without having to travel very far, someone from Brooklyn can see a tiger, polar bear, and baboon all in 1 afternoon. But the animals living conditions are poor. Many zoos and aquariums have animals that are experiencing depression. (stopped here) The worst is the Surabaya Zoo in Java Indonesia where the enclosures are extremely minuscule and the animals have thick chains attached to their ankles and legs for their entire lives. All of the animals at this 'hell zoo ' have skin condition’s, symptoms of malnutrition and dehydration, or other serious health issues. Thankfully, most popular zoos are much more humane, yet their enclosures are small and cramped compared to the animals ' natural habitat. Fauna are given their meals instead of hunting them, and anytime anyone sees the animal, they are usually just sleeping or walking/swimming around in boredom. The animals are thrown into captivity with strangers that aren 't apart of their family, pod, pride, etc. This can cause fights and injury among animals. A documentary called ‘Blackfish’ follows the life of the captured killer whales. At night they were locked into small pools with one another. Tilikum, one of the main whales, was constantly attacked by the other whales since, like humans, these animals have family. Imagine a child being captured from their real family and being thrown into a cramped cage with

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