Ethernet And Wi-Fi Case Study

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Q1.Ethernet has become the standard for LAN communications. Give a brief overview of structure of an Ethernet frame.
Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the most commonly used technologies to set up Local Area Networks today. It operates by using Carrier Sense Multiple Access Detection (CSMA/CD) to control media access. (Study CCNA, 2016)
The structure of an Ethernet Frame is as follows:

The Ethernet Frame Structure (Anon., 2013) Explanation:
• Preamble: This field is responsible for harmonizing bits between the sending and receiving system. It consists usually of 7 bytes.
• Start Frame Delimiter (SFD): is used as a space breaker that signifies and that the next byte marks the beginning of the destination Mac Address field. Together with the Preamble
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Li-Fi proposes a world where common sources of light are able to connect us to the internet.
The term Li-Fi was invented by Harold Haas, a University of Edinburgh Professor in 2011. He foresees light bulbs acting as wireless routers and later went on to set up a company, pureLiFi with the goal of becoming an authority in VLC (Mercer, 2017).
How it works:
Li-Fi permits data transmission by regulating the intensity of a light source to be received by a photo-sensitive sensor. The light signal is then modified into electric form and this process is not discernible to the human eye (pureLiFi, 2017). For instance, data is imputed into a LED bulb and sent at fast speeds to the photo-sensor. The receiver then converts the variations in the dimming of the LED bulb into electric signals. Finally, these signals are converted into a data stream of 1s and 0s that the applications running on our internet-enabled devices can understand (Mercer,

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