Phase-shift keying

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  • Academic Success

    Academic Success Proper time management and maintaining a healthy life-style are important factors in achieving academic excellence. The body needs to be at its best to perform better academically. Important ways of keeping a healthy life-style is to get the proper amount of sleep and obtaining a good diet. What you eat can have a positive or negative outcome on test scores, and how much you sleep can also have a positive or negative effect on test scores. Keeping your body healthy and having…

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  • Single Phase Single Stage Boost Inverter Study

     Novel 3-Phase Single stage boost inverter: Analysis, Design and Experimentation M K Pathak, Member, Dogga Raveendhra and Aravind Panda Abstract— this paper introduces a novel type of 3-phase single stage dc-ac converter, which is controlled by sliding mode control, offers intrinsic step up abilities. Proposed inverter is designed with lesser number of solid state semiconductor switches and small passive elements. Sliding mode controller (robust controller) is designed to control this power…

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  • Test And Security Evaluation Narrative Essay

    testing itself which is known as Built-In Self-Test (BIST). A metric for quality and successful testing is fault coverage. Fault Coverage is the number of stuck at faults detected. In hardware, the implementation of BIST is with a Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) which uses the remainder left in the register. This remainder is called a signature and this technique is called signature analysis. Signature analysis is an efficient technique for compressing the DUT’s output responses in BIST.…

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  • Sleep Disorders In Adolescents

    undergoes an alteration so night-time shifts to a later time. Some other reasons adolescents are…

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  • CBT-I Therapy Analysis

    One is called the, phototherapy or another name is light therapy. This therapy is effective towards individuals whose sleeping problems are due to the delayed sleep phase syndrome. Individuals with the delayed sleep phase syndrome have issues with their brain’s sleep cycle. These individuals usually have a harder time falling asleep until it’s late at night, and then they wake up later the next morning than they wished. Phototherapy consists…

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  • Wind Distortions Essay

    Harmonics: Harmonic distortions are injected at the generation as well as the consumer end. At the consumer end, harmonics are caused by nonlinear loads such as PCs, CFLs, electronic devices, etc. The harmonics distortion caused by non-linear load such as electric arc furnaces, large concentrations of arc discharge lamps, variable speed motors, saturation of magnetization of transformer and a distorted line current. The current generated by such loads will interact with power system impedance…

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  • Advantage Of Attention

    Attention is a limited resource. Most of the time, people are interested in figuring out how best to use attention to our advantage: how to make sure we are registering the important things, while paying less care to other, less salient stimuli. Being able to effectively control attention contributes to our ability to study well and react quickly to new stimuli in the environment. However, there are also circumstances in which people would want to use the limited resource of attention to…

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  • Analysis Of Goldsteinism In 1984

    He turned a little sideways in his chair to drink his mug of coffee. At the table on his left the man with the strident voice was still talking remorselessly away. A young woman who was perhaps his secretary, and who was sitting with her back to Winston, was listening to him and seemed to be eagerly agreeing with everything that he said. From time to time Winston caught some such remark as 'I think you're so right, I do so agree with you', uttered in a youthful and rather silly feminine voice.…

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