Network : The Network Of A Wan Network

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To summarize the wired configuration, this network starts with the public internet that connects to a WAN (Wide Area Network); a good example of a WAN network is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) (Ocens, 2012). This WAN connection is T1 that connects to the T1 Demarcation Router in the computer room; this terminates the T1 line and provides an Ethernet Connection to the Main Router as well as a T1 connection to the WAN. The main router creates LAN connectivity and connects to the PIX Firewall and the Ethernet Switch; the firewall controls access to the public internet through the main router’s connection to the WAN. The LAN connection creates a high-speed connection for the computers, servers, routers, and printers needed in the organization. The servers, the data server and the mail server, connect directly to the ethernet switch to give access to all the devices on the network. The ethernet switch connects to the cross-patch panel, this panel connects all the RJ-45 (Registered Jack 45) outlets in each office. The horizontal cable runs out of the computer room from the cross-patch panel, above the ceiling, down the wall, and connects to a faceplate for RJ-45 ethernet. An ethernet drop cable, otherwise known as a UTP cable, is conneted from the faceplate to the computer’s ethernet card.
Since the shipping office in the warehouse is a further distance, fibre optic cable runs from the computer room to a remote ethernet switch in the shipping office. Past the

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