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  • The Importance Of Interactive Whiteboards In Education

    What happened to the chalk board? Instead of using a chalk board, teachers now use a device that is considered to be a major digital tool of the 21st century called an interactive whiteboard (Skinner, 2015). Interactive whiteboards have become common in classrooms across America. The popularity of interactive whiteboards has prompted educators to change their teaching strategies and lessons to integrate the use of these boards (Skinner, 2015). Interactive whiteboards are considered to be one of the most profound instructional technologies for diverse levels of education (Yalin & Johnson, 2012). An interactive whiteboard, or IWB, is an instructional tool that is connected to a computer and a projector and enables the transfer of images from…

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  • Interactive Whiteboards Essay

    Teaching African American males their historical identity construction using Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) Teaching African American males their historical identity construction using Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) will exhibit historical construction of identity and stereotyping which the African American male has experienced over four hundred years leading up to their current condition. The use of (IWB) will illuminate the historical reason for their identity and open a dialogue which will…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Basketball Changed My Life

    How Basketball changed my mindset on life… By Clifton Birkeland “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” - Will Rogers Whenever someone asks me what my favorite sport is, I always exclaim that Basketball is my favorite among all the sports I participate in. I have many reasons why I think Basketball is a amazing sport that should be loved and enjoyed by everyone. But also, people wonder why Basketball is my favorite sport and I tell them it made me…

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  • Article Critique

    Article Critique Wood, R. & Ashfield, J. (2008). The use of the interactive whiteboard for creative teaching and learning in literacy and mathematics: a case study. Br J Educ Technol, 39(1), 84- 96. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1467-8535.2007.00703.x Introduction This paper aims at critiquing an article written by Ruth Wood and Jean Ashfield on the use of interactive whiteboards in a bid to enhance creative teaching and learning in literacy and mathematics. This piece will evaluate the strengths…

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  • Essay On Kindergarten Observation

    When students come into kindergarten they are across the board with different levels of development and skills. I quickly noticed through observation that a very important characteristic to understand with these children is their maturity level. I found it the most helpful to observe students with how they work and interact with others. I believe the best way to teach is to understand who your students are. This means getting to know them on a personal level; learning about their families,…

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  • Instructional Strategy In The Classroom

    their data. Both Ms. Verner and Ms. Velazquez agreed two strategies to teach a classroom are in class discussion and worksheets to assess the students ' learning process. As Ms. Verner discussed about science topic such as food intake, Ms. Velazquez expand how students can analyze their eating habit and discover the solution/consequences by connecting the science topics to their daily lives in which students become more committed in participating in the lesson as well class discussion. To…

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  • Using Technology In Elementary Schools

    Children enjoy games, love things they can touch and feel, and love anything that they can interact with. The use of technology in elementary schools will help children become better acclimated to learning outside of their homes. A study showed that if an assignment is computer-based, then children will learn a topic easier as opposed to learning the conventional way. (Lai) An interactive whiteboard has revolutionized the way that those lessons can be taught within the classroom. The Promethean…

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  • Essay On Formative Feedback

    Using Effective Feedback with Formative Instructional Practices How do I know as a teacher what my students have really learned? I often ask with this question while assessing student knowledge; however, most assessments aren’t always a true indicator of learning because they only provide part of the big picture of what an individual student truly knows. As defined by Sadler, “[Formative assessment] refers to assessment that is specifically intended to provide feedback on performance to…

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  • Creating A Literacy Environment Analysis

    Many teachers utilize centers in their classroom and have a variety of them to develop different areas such as the one located in Figure 1. The literacy area within the pre-kindergarten classroom as well as the whole group area are where much of the language acquisition, oral development, and overall literacy development will take place. The second component used within the classroom is the use of technology which will assist in literacy development. Within the classroom, there will be three…

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  • The Importance Of Technology In Education

    Gone are the days where schools contained a standard blackboard or whiteboard and exercise books for every student. Nowadays, schools have incorporated new technologies such as online library databases, laptops for students, interactive whiteboards and online reports into their education system. This fast-growing development is supplying a larger majority of students with more opportunities to flourish as learning and an individual. Firstly, in light of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence…

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