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  • Vera Atkins Essay

    dowdy, a social butterfly, proudly Jewish, more English than a vicar’s daughter, forever falling in love with men or only interested in women.” (1) These contradictions helped Vera in her career. As a spy in World War II, she had to be mysterious and unidentifiable, even to the people she worked closely with. She had many secrets, and for a long time her and her agents’ existence wasn’t even known, and it was only recently when her information was released that she was rewarded for what she did. Vera Atkins was born in Romania in 1908. Her father was Max Rosenberg, a German Jew, and her mother was Hilda Atkins. She had two brothers but no sisters. Her family was quite rich and her father, despite being Jewish, was still well-liked for his money and land. He was quoted as once saying “If a Jew makes money for a king, he is welcome at court. If he makes a mistake, he no longer exists.” (3). He was a mysterious man who liked to keep his identity obscured from public view. He taught Vera a lot of the things she used in later life, like how to keep herself a secret, and gave her lessons on the same things her brothers got lessons on, like horseback riding. Vera…

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  • How Did Jewish People Go Into Hiding

    while hiding but there were also many problems for both Jews in hiding as well as those who hid them. Many Jews were saved during the Holocaust because of non-Jews willing to risk their lives but Jew and non-Jews had many problems they faced during and after the war. The decision of going into hiding or sending their children into hiding was a very hard decision and it was very hard to find somewhere to hide. It was very hard to go into hiding because the Jews had identity cards and black J…

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  • Spamalot Musical Theatre Analysis

    you don 't have any Jews!" (PBS, Broadway Musicals). If you can look past the sweeping generalization, Sir Robin’s surprising lyric turns out to be very true about musicals. Historians have recognized that Jewish immigrant culture heavily influenced the content of musical theatre when it was popularized in America during the early twentieth century. But in turn, it was the sociopolitical and racial climate of the 20th century that inspired the creative and thematic content of Jewish productions…

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  • Refugee Blues Analysis Essay

    The portrayal of sorrow in ‘’The Last Night’’ and ‘’Refugee Blues’’ varies between each piece. In Refugee Blues it describes how the Jewish were treated and rejected even when they are in times of hardship. Similarly the Last Night also focuses on the innocence of the Jews; it portrays the Jewish people in their last glimpse of freedom before they reach the concentration camps, and compels the dehumanisation of the children as well as the adults. The portrayal of rejection and how they were…

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  • Narrative Essay On Jewish Identity

    will be the first time I will attend a secular school. On the eve of this departure, then, I ask myself, who am I? What kind of Jew am I right now, at this point in time? Where do I see myself in five years? Truthfully, there is an ongoing conflict in my mind between my secular self and my spiritual Judaic self. It is not that I feel I must prioritize one over the other; rather, I find myself asking how these two spheres in my life can conjoin. The last twelve years have been a journey,…

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  • The Importance Of Cultural Identity

    understanding one’s own culture identities helps one to communicate with people and accept cultures different from their own, despite color; knowing one’s culture allows an individual to know who they are and where they come from and gives…

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  • Was Oskar Schindler A Hero Essay

    The definition of a hero is a person who stands in front to save others even by risking their lives. Also, a hero never ignores people who are in trouble, and they always endeavor to save others without discriminating. Therefore, Oskar Schindler is not a hero. Schindler is not a hero because he used Jews as labors for his company’s production like slaves, he already knew about the massacre of Jews by the Nazi Party, but he only looked on it, and he used the money only for his own use which was…

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  • Intermarriage Increase

    Can Intermarriage Lead To An Increase In The Number Of Jews In America? The authors of this article outline the question: Can Intermarriage Lead To An Increase In The Number Of Jews In America? It is an intriguing question. At first glance one might think to themselves that this is an erroneous question, but when examining the logic behind the question, it is apparent that this is not a poor question, but rather an interesting one. When looking at the simple numbers, one may believe that the…

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  • Nuremberg Laws In Germany

    were a group of people who had highly respected Jobs and really felt like they were part of the German culture. However over the years the tyrannical leader Hitler managed to transform these people from a group of highly respected people into a group of pathetic scum. He succeeded in this plan by executing three main points. Hitler’s first part of his master plan was to isolate the Jews in every way possible. He managed to do this by getting his Nazi’s to attack Jews in many different ways. His…

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  • Martin Luther's Persecution Of The Jews

    Martin Luther’s legacy of writings against the Jews is very well known in theological and historical circles, which have been pondering over the meanings behind the writings and the factors that influenced Luther’s views of the Jews. A close reading of Luther’s works regarding the Jews reveals a major change in both tone and content from generally conciliatory and amiable to violent, vitriolic rants against the Jewish People. Luther’s tone is not the only aspect of his writings on Jews that…

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