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  • The Breakdown Of The Titanic In The 1900's

    Silence was heard about the sea. Twenty lifeboats floated around in the quiet, moonless night. The Titanic had sunk. This was a tragic turn of events, for the RMS Titanic was the height of advancement and technology in the 1900s. Not only was she the largest ship in the world, but “she was safe. The Titanic, as everyone knew, was practically unsinkable” (Hopkinson 2). White Star Lines assured people that there was no ship safer than her. Such technology certainly could not be defeated by the sea’s obstacles. This is what the public believed then. 70 years later, an oceanologist named Robert Ballard found the Titanic’s wreck. He believed that “[The Titanic Disaster] is a tribute to Man’s arrogance.” This statement shows truth, for people put…

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  • Rms Titanic Research Paper

    From his arrival on his first White Star Line vessel Medic in 1899 to his death on Titanic in 1912 (William McMaster Murdoch) Murdoch rose the ranks of White Star Line at an extraordinary rate. Especially considering that in just 12 short years he had risen from 4th Officer of a minor White Star ship to 1st Officer of her flagship. Clearly Murdoch was a very talented sailor who had become trusted by the officials of the line and had a bright career in front of him. In fact, this brings up the…

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  • The Olympic Story Of Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship

    people. With the movie Titanic, made in 1997, James Cameroon was extolled for his great depiction of the facts. Later investigations contradicted Cameroon in many aspects. What happened to this Unsinkable ship? Let us move to the true bottom. The three sisters White Star line, inorder to dominate the North-Atlantic passenger market, decided to build 3 prodigious ships The Olympic, The Titanic, The Britannic. Of the three, Titanic and Olympic were almost…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Titanic

    money lost building the ship and increasing competition the White Star Line was losing money faster than it could make it and thus white star lines built the new liner out of weak iron this is the first step in the disaster of the ship. As the Titanic was built White Star Lines was under extreme financial duress as they were losing a lot in immigrant transportation, at the time everyone wanted to go to America; mostly poor immigrants looking to get a piece of the “American dream”. This was…

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  • Flaws Of The Titanic Essay

    compartment of the hull it was the third cabin travelers that were affected the most from the sinking. Between October 1912 and January 1913, The White Star Line filed a damage claim; by April 15 that same year they wanted all claims to be made by victims and they insured that the company would not face any more damage by making it clear that victims needed proof of loss. The company may have thought that with no proof no one would claim turned out that there was enough claims with the proof…

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  • The History Of Steamboat

    Confidence in the steamers, both for business and tourist travel soon gathered. New companies have been made such as The Cunard Line (1840) The Hamburg America Line (1847) The White Star Line (1845) One of the most important English engineer was Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859) He designed three great steamships “The Great Western” in 1836, “The Great Britain” in 1843 and the last “ The Great Eastern” in 1854, the biggest ship ever 692 foot long- used for laying cable…

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  • Why Is The Titanic Unsinkable

    All aboard for the journey of a lifetime! The newest White Star Line ship, appearing to outrank all of the other vessels at sea, was about to make its first voyage across the Atlantic. Looking for a fresh start in New York City, three classes of passengers boarded the RMS Titanic on April 10, 1912 in Southampton, England. They were confident this was the safest ship at sea. The Titanic was advertised as unsinkable with its many features made for it to outshine its main competitors. What the…

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  • The Titanic: The Unsinkable For The Titanic

    suffered by the passengers," said Vice-President of White Star Line, Phillip Franklin. What was the Titanic? Why was it special? What actually happened the night the “unsinkable ship” sank? Was it anyone’s fault in particular? All these questions are not as simple as they appear to be. Since there were no airplanes in the 1900s, and a lot of immigrants, ships were a popular source of travel. The Titanic was a very large ocean liner weighing roughly 46,000 tons! Therefore the Titanic’s name…

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  • Facts About Titanic

    popular ship? Titanic Titanic was a British passenger liner, which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning of 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg. It was one of the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. Titanic’s originally name is RMS Titanic. RMS stands for Royal Mail Steamer. Titanic, the largest ship afloat at the time it entered service, was the second of three Olympic class ocean liners. It operated by the White Star Line, and built…

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  • Disaster Of The Titanic Essay

    Disaster of the Titanic People on Board “I thought it would be a safe steamship and I had heard it would not sink” - Margaret Devaney (Titanic Survivor) The Titanic sinking was so tragic because many lives were lost, also many bodies were not found. The Titanic sunk in the 1900’s. William McMaster Murdoch body was lost at sea. Lady Duff Gordon and Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon survived the sinking and testified at the British Enquiry into the sinking. Lastly, Charles Herbert Lightoller survived…

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