The Olympic Story Of Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship

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For more than a decade, Titanic stood as a great mark of love, glory, disaster and sacrifice. It was popularly called as the "Unsinkable ship" with the tagline "Not even God can sink this ship". Unfortunately, this gigantic ship was engulfed by the ocean on her maiden voyage killing 1,517 people. With the movie Titanic, made in 1997, James Cameroon was extolled for his great depiction of the facts. Later investigations contradicted Cameroon in many aspects. What happened to this Unsinkable ship? Let us move to the true bottom.

The three sisters

White Star line, inorder to dominate the North-Atlantic passenger market, decided to build 3 prodigious ships The Olympic, The Titanic, The Britannic. Of the three, Titanic and Olympic were almost
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On its debut voyage, it hit a tug in New York. Barely after 3 months, it collided with a UK Naval war ship HMS Hawke. The collision was so massive that it damaged Olympic beyond repair.

Olympic was fitted with a huge ram under the waterline. The smash drilled holes, both above and below the water line and also popped out thousands of rivets. The heavy and complex steel frames were buckled, the hull plating was gashed and above all, the starboard propeller and crankshaft were distorted. To make the matters worse, the keel was bent giving a permanent damage to the ship. This almost sealed the fate of Olympic.

Later, UK Navy investigated the crash and found that the mistake was on the side of Olympic. This means that the insurance company would never pay for the White Star line company. Inorder to repair the ship, it would need a large sums of money which would surely lead them to bankruptcy as they were in huge losses by
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Contrarily, under these drastic conditions, a ship called California was able to get large amounts of coal just for carrying a bunch of woolen rugs and coats leaving a large space to carry men. (It had all the goods that were needed to have a rescue mission).

It sailed to the icy fields of North Atlantic and dead stopped there. Why would a ship of cargo would be anchored in a region of icebergs without any danger occurring to it? Moreover, Captain Stanley Lord (Captain of the Californian) slept fully clothed in his chart room in a 5 and half foot couch. Was he expecting any sort of emergency? Very oddly, Captain Edward J. Smith did the same while sailing in the ice fields. Was the danger precognated?

The Secret Plan

It was planned that the Titanic would hit an iceberg, then the alarm signal would be sent to the Californian, life boats would be launched, rescue will be obtained from the Californian, passengers would be saved, the ship will sink and the White star line would claim the insurance money. It is for this reason, just 5 days before the voyage, the insurance has been increased from $5 million to $12.5 million!!!( this would be much more than amount they could gain by selling or scrapping it). Also, as the Californian is meant to save them, there were not enough life boats in the ship. In simple words, Titanic is not a disaster, but a greedy insurance

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