Why Is The Titanic Unsinkable

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All aboard for the journey of a lifetime! The newest White Star Line ship, appearing to outrank all of the other vessels at sea, was about to make its first voyage across the Atlantic. Looking for a fresh start in New York City, three classes of passengers boarded the RMS Titanic on April 10, 1912 in Southampton, England. They were confident this was the safest ship at sea. The Titanic was advertised as unsinkable with its many features made for it to outshine its main competitors. What the passengers did not know was that they were about to witness one of the largest, most remembered disasters at sea. Unfortunately, this disaster could have been prevented. Despite the popular belief that the Titanic was unsinkable, many factors such as structure and lack of safety regulations played a major role that led to the ship’s demise, resulting in the loss of many lives.
The Titanic was constructed to appear to sovereign over the sea, which became a
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The ship was designed with a compartmentalized hull of sixteen watertight compartments separated by bulkheads, or dividing partitions, that could be activated at any time. These compartments were designed “to contain flooding” to a certain area of the ship if anything were to happen (Ritchie 218). The ship was said to be able to stay afloat when up to four of the sixteen compartments were punctured. When the Titanic struck the iceberg, six of the compartments were punctured, ultimately causing the ship to sink. The watertight compartments actually contributed more to the sinking of the ship rather than helping. When the ship split in two, the water poured over the bulkheads that were not built high enough, spreading the water throughout the compartments and allowing more to pour in. the compartments caused the water to not be able to spread throughout the decks of the ship, resulting in an uneven weight distribution and causing the ship to sink

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