Pride Comes Before A Fall: Titanic By James Cameron

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Pride Comes Before A Fall
The movie Titanic is about a courageous love story intertwined with the tragic event of the crash of the R.M.S. Titanic. James Cameron was the director and one of the producers of the Titanic film; the movie was released on Dec19, 1997. Cameron’s movie about the Titanic has won several awards. The movie starts out with a survivor of the crash, Rose DeWitt Bukater a fictional character, telling her story about the events that happened on the Titanic. Rose’s story is about unhappiness, rebellion, romance, heartbreak, and finding herself. The trip to New York aboard the (space) Titanic does not go as planned when Rose meets Jack Dawson, who saves her life. Rose is engaged to another man, Cal, whom she despised (s) when
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*In another scene of the movie, the managing director, Bruce Ismay, wanted the ship to go as fast as possible; in trying to convince Edward Smith, the captain, to use all of the boilers he told the captain that he should “...retire with a bang (Bruce Ismay Titanic).” Edward reluctantly gave orders to use the last four boilers as well. *There were several people mentioned in the movie such as, Lucy Noel Martha, John Jacob Astor, and Benjamin Guggenheim that were actual passengers on the Titanic. (Nice attention to the names) *The movie shows that the crew on the Titanic had received more than one ice warning from other ships, but the captain still kept going full speed. * The lookouts in the crows (’s) nest are without binoculars, so they don’t see the iceberg until it is too late. The movie also points out that it was a very clear clam night. *The scene when the Titanic crashes into the iceberg it shows the seems (rewrite the last two words, they don’t really make since) of the ship giving in instead of breaking a hole in the side. * In the part of the movie where the passengers were getting on the life boats, they had the rule of only women and children first; the rule was misunderstood by some of the employees and a lot of the life boats left half full. * (Once) the Titanic started sinking, (it) broke in half, …show more content…
Although, some of the (space) clothing that the (styles) (Or you can say this, the fashion of that era) ladies wore looked a bit extreme. The actors chosen for the movie were good at filling their rolls; they were good at keeping the attention where it needed to be. Lee W. Meridith wrote the book: 1912 Facts About Titanic it was published in 1999 and revised in 2003. In Lee’s book he says that there were 14 large lifeboats that could hold 65 people, 2 small lifeboats that could hold 35 people, and 4 collapsible emergency boats. The 4 emergency life boats were extras since the Titanic was only required to have lifeboats for 980 people. Captain Edward Smith claimed “I have never been in any accident… or any sort worth speaking about (1912 Facts about Titanic pg.49).” Prior to Smith’s statement he had been in several incidents, and two more after his statement. Smith was White Star Lines senior captain and for that reason he got to be the captain of each of their new ships. The Titanic had a close encounter right as they were setting out for sea; due to the low tide and motion of the Titanic a surge of water cause the New York to come loose from its ropes and come within four feet of the Titanic’s stern. (not in the

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