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  • Why Do We Sink The Titanic

    The Titanic, a huge cruise ship built by man. The Titanic was believed to be indestructible and unsinkable. They said not even God can sink the Titanic; the name says it all. This ship was very luxurious and the largest of all ships. It was set for voyage April 10, 1912 after being built for three years. This Luxurious Giant was filled with many of the world’s wealthiest and famous people setting sail across the North Atlantic all the way to New York (Well, at least that was their intention).…

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  • Franklin D Roosevelt Quotes

    Quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt “The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself”. Franklin was the longest term president ever. Franklin’s childhood was a great experience to start his future. Franklin was born on January 30th, 1887 and lived most of his years in HYDE Park, New York. Franklin was educated by tutors till age 14. In 1896 he moved to Massachusetts and went to a private school called the Groton school for boys. In 1900 he graduated from Groton school for boys. He…

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  • Stars Life Cycle

    the night and what do you see? Millions of twinkling lights, also known as stars. Stars are one of the most popular astronomical objects and represents the building blocks of galaxies. A star is defined as a vast ball of gas held together by its own gravity. The nearest star to earth is the Sun. Similar to a living organism, stars have a life cycle in which they are born, they develop and grow, and eventually die. Stars begin as a vast cloud interstellar dust (mostly carbon or silicon) and…

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  • Cat's Eye Nebula Research Paper

    studied the spectrum of NGC-6543, he found that the spectrum is dominated by discontinuous lines, emission spectrum, rather than continuous like in the stellar spectrum. The first identified line was the hydrogen Balmer line (H). This discontinuous spectrum confirms Herschel’s idea that the PN gets its energy from a nearby star. Moreover, when Hubble in 1922 found a relation between the magnitude of the central star and the size of the PN, he proposed that the emission spectrum of PN is the…

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  • The Death Of Beauty In Louise Bogan's Medusa

    The poem moves forward again as the line 3 starts with “Everything moved.” You break out of the surreal moment when the author creates the setting and admiring the area then all of a sudden you break out of your reverie when the poem continues with the words “Everything moved.” The natural…

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  • Morning In The Burned House Summary

    beginning or a symbol of hope, but it is the opposite of its homonym, “mourning,” which is usually attached to grief or sorrow. House is the last word of the title which represents a special place of the past. Also, as mentioned in the first stanza, lines…

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  • Stereotypes In Marilyn Chin's Elegy For Chloe Nguyen

    In Marilyn Chin’s “Elegy for Chloe Nguyen (1955-1988),” she speaks about the life of her friend that has passed away at the age of 33. She compares their lives side by side, with Chin growing up poor and Nguyen growing up wealthy. Both women grew up in a similar cultural background, but a different class background. It’s almost as if Chin admired how intelligent and well-rounded Nguyen appeared to be, despite Nguyen experiencing moods of emptiness throughout her life. As the poem progresses,…

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  • Nancy's Bedroom Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    In the first paragraph, a polysyndeton is used in “pink or blue or white,” yet simple, it slows the pace and creates effect, as if the reader were in remembrance of Nancy. He continues with the use of parallel structure. Capote also uses the repetition of ideas to show their significance. In the first paragraph, young Bobby…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To America Is Coming To America

    had all of our bags and belongings. My sister and I were at the airport with some family members in Africa waiting for our plane. The plane arrived at six pm (GMT), we made our way to the ticket line. I have never seen a line so long in my life. We spent at least six to seven minutes in the line. Seven minutes later, we made our way to the front, and the woman asked for our passports. After returning our passport, she told us our seats were ready, but there was a problem with the…

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  • Themes In 'Among The Red Guns'

    inferred in line 7 when the speaker states, “in the heads of soldiers.” Throughout the poem, the speaker highlights certain objects such as: red guns, leather saddles, and hot muzzles because these little, but crucial, details help add a more depressing mood to the poem. Although the narrator does use depressing factors, it should be noted that the poem’s ghostly tone would have been gaudier if the poem contained more imagery in terms of environment. For instance, if the poem included either a…

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