The Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship

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Here's a story about a young lady by the name of Leila Meyer (Leila Saks) who believe it or not, was a survivor of the Titanic. This story is true, and Leila was on the Titanic at the time of the crash. She had experienced it all. Leila Meyer was just as excited as everyone else to board the Titanic. As you may know, that was the Titanic's maiden voyage (First trip or journey) at sea. The Titanic was nicknamed the "Unsinkable Ship", which is sad because of how it had crashed during its first voyage at sea. Leila Meyer was born on Tuesday September 26, 1886 in Baltimore Maryland. Leila Meyer was no different than anyone else. She got married to her husband, Edgar Joseph Meyer in 1909, and the couple had one child named Jane, who was born …show more content…
Suddenly, at 11:40 PM, the ship had crashed into an iceberg. It was total chaos, because people had to run for their lives, find their families, and quickly get into a lifeboat before anyone else. An awful amount of men had died because of a protocol stating that all woman and children should enter a life boat first.
Mrs. Meyer later recalled: "I tried and tried to get Edgar to come into the lifeboat with me, and pleaded to be allowed to stay behind and wait until he could leave, he not caring to leave before all the women had been saved. Mr. Meyer finally persuaded me to leave, reminding me of our one-year-old child at home. I entered the lifeboat and watched until the Titanic sank, but only for a short time did I see my husband standing beside the rail and assisting other women into boats in which he might have been saved.'' There was nothing left to do but scream and shout at that time, and that is exactly what Leila was doing. She was rescued on lifeboat #6 and luckily survived the tragic

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