Cause And Effects Of The Titanic

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As the turn of almost a century after the sinking of the Titanic mariologist and archaeologist go out to the sunken ship to find out reasons and the flaws of this giant beauty of the sea. As researchers looked into the ship it was said the stamina and size both has been boosted as it was the largest passenger steamship built until that time. “The ship can never sink,” (Gavin and Zarr) and that was another statement of the time that seemed as if it was true but looking into the material and design; scientists see all failures and flaws possible. However before getting to that there is a crucial note to be that the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization listed 29 categories in which questions asked from birthplace all the way to where they …show more content…
So after it returned to England major changes were made based on what happened with the Titanic. Due to the alarming sinking crew members refuse to sail if there weren’t going to be enough lifeboats to suffice for everyone on the ship, and because they could not fully replace the current crew members, they compromised the demands and also gained 168 new members to work on the renewed Olympic. When the Olympic came to the US for the first time after the Titanic sinking Senator William Alden Smith was in charge of making sure that the ship had all of the right safety features. After this was done every few years there would be a ship recall so that they could go back into her to make the technology more modern and up to date. In 1914 the ship was used for war, and in 1915 her job became to rescue and transport different countries. In 1919 after the war she got remodeled to become a transatlantic liner and in 1921 December 21 Captain Hayes was sailing her for her last …show more content…
This ship was the Olympic and the Titanic put together just with major tweaks to the failures and flaws. The structure was 852 feet long, longer than the Olympic and there were enough lifeboats to seat every person on the ship at the time. Once again the engines were built by Harland and Wolff like the other two ships. The ship was designed to carry 48 open lifeboats- 46 of them being 34 feet and 2 of those 46 carry wireless sets of communication and were motor propelled and the last 2 left where 26 foot cutters placed alongside the bridges. The interior like the first two sister was no different as it was a successful plan of how to meet each of the three different stratifications that travelled on the ship. When there was a financial problem that popped up the Britannic was unable to be completed- the project was abandoned for about a year; however when the war broke out in 1914 the owners know that the ship needed to be completed as fast a possible because the government needed it to help out in the war. Instead of the designs be completed making the interior look like her sisters there were changes- the dining rooms became operating theaters and main wards, the B deck became housing for medical officers and other staff- with these changes the ship was then able to fit 3310

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