Embodiment Essay On Gender And Identity Summary

This novel has a platform of 1970s, when Nina, a newly married Indian girl reaches to Halifax, Canada with her husband Ananda. She has to resign her job of lecturer due to her marriage, which in fact is her loss of self-sense.
Manju Kapur explores marriage with N. R. I. that may be causing a sense of displacement due to shift at an unknown land. It is quite an unpleasant thing that the result of such marriages arises in the form of disturbance, disillusionment and reminiscence. Ananda, who is known commonly as Andy in Halifax, is a dentist and continues his course of life as usual after his marriage. However, Nina finds herself in an utter frustration, where she comes to know that her own qualification is useless in Canada. Furthermore, both
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And now I do nothing. I have not even been able to conceive. Am I locked into stereotypical expectations? I don’t know. (Kapur 229)
She dislikes the traditional codes and morals that guide the woman of the society. In his essay, “Embodiment: Essay on Gender and Identity” Thapan writes about woman’s experience:
A woman’s experience of her body is largely that of shame as she is seen a transgressing family and social moral norms in one way or another. The moral domain for a woman is therefore always defined and policed by the other. In a sense, woman’s body is often no longer her body but has been taken over by the community of both men and women, to establish and legitimize its image in society. (Thapan 51)
It is difficult for an immigrant to survive in a foreign country unless he makes himself familiar with that atmosphere and adapts himself to that culture. Some of the immigrants take the initiative to adjust with the foreign environment but their attempts may lead to an utter failure due to gender prejudice or racial
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It is true that such immigrants always feel hanging between the East and the West though they try to adopt themselves in such environment. Such immigrant people strive hard for survival as well as to set up a good bank balance. They keep on attaining their dreams of comfortable life but feels homesick about own country. However, their attempt to mix with a foreign country and culture frequently receives failures due to prejudices about the race and country. The immigrant person lives in a very strange type of identity, he thinks that he has to accept the new culture; but his acceptance in new culture always remains in a state of question. He fails to end up this dilemma and remains in double identity. Manju Kapur describes the stereotype mentality of the immigrant people in the following words, “These immigrants live in two minds. Outwardly, they adjust well. Educated and English speaking, they allow misleading assumptions about a heart that is divided” (Kapur 120). Manju Kapur has expressed the feelings of the immigrant people and their struggle to become part of the flow. Nina too finds difficult to adjust herself in Canada. Ananda stays out for the whole day for his practice. She is alien and new to the Canadian culture and

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