Effective Communication Case Study Essay

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4.0 Recommendation
4.1 Effective Communication Effective communication can enhance teamwork and better understanding between each other. While requiring closely supervise with the followers, Ananda Krisnan should develop an effective communication with them to improve his leadership management. This is because closely supervision refers to directing leadership styles, which is low supportive and usually one way communication. Based on Jacqueline Mayfield and Milton Mayfield, they had been developed an research regarding the relationship between leader communication styles and employees loyalty toward the leader. Throughout the studies, they had evaluated the selected leaders communication skills and practices, and the motivating model language.
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Self assessment refers to identify own capabilities of strengths and weaknesses (Alliance). Ananda Krisnan can facilitate his strengths such as using his visionary and entrepreneurial mind to sustain his business in competitive advantages. Ananda Krisnan can also identify his own weaknesses and make improvement such as make a good relationship with his employees to improve his leadership ability. Leader self assessment also include self development. Self development enables Ananda Krisnan to adapt with continuous changing environment. It is also one of the cost effective way for Ananda Krisnan to fight with his competitors. Based on the research study of Rebecca and Stefanie, the objective is to identify the relationship of leadership self development and organization strategies. Leader’s behaviours, characteristics and self development were evaluated and they are significance to organizational influences. In conclusion, organization strategy should focus on self development leadership. (Rebecca J. Reichard , Stefanie K. Johnson , …show more content…
Risk taking refers to act in danger to achieve goals. As leader, Ananda Krisnan can learn to identify the situation and take risk to achieve organization goals. This is because risk taking will usually leads to unexpected opportunities. For example, Jack Ma from Alibaba is very ambitious in making investment therefore succeed in his business. Besides, taking risks will also improve self confidence, at the same time gain the follower’s satisfaction and respect toward the leader’s decision. Risk taking also one of the way of internal growth learning. Leaders can learn from failure and gain experience to perfrom better next time. It is also opportunity for the leader to explore their capabilities while learning. Furthermore, risk taking also can overcome the fear of failure. Some leaders choose to stay secure and do not want to take new risks, it is considered as major restriction for leaders to succeed in their business because they do not want to leave their comfort zone. Embrace the risk will be the only way for Ananda Krisnan to deal with complex organization and competitive broadcasting

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