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  • Jesus's Journey

    It was night, when the disciples followed Jesus to Garden of Olives. They looked worried as they men stopped in the garden. Jesus left his disciples to go pray to his father (God). The disciples kept watch, while Jesus was talking with God. I saw Jesus start to shake and tremble, I wondered what was happening, it was as if someone was attacking him but know one was there. Soon he got up, while he got up, I saw a group of soldiers heading their way. Jesus and disciples came together, while the soldiers stopped two meters away from them. With the soldiers was one of Jesus closet disciples Moses. He came up to Jesus and kissed him while sorry I have sinned you. The soldiers moved in, while out of know where, Peter another disciple launched himself at the soldiers, in the act of fighting Peter managed to cut one of the soldiers ear off. He was soon restrained. Jesus calmly cooled down Peter with his words. In that moment Jesus was arrested and taken away by the Jewish soldiers. Jesus was taken to a Jerusalem court hearing. The disciples followed in the distance. Jesus was accused of many different things. He was beaten and humiliated. Jesus was asked multiply times was he King Of The Jews, but he did not reply. The disciples could not watch as Jesus was beaten and spit upon by the many in the crowds. However, in the mist of the hearing Peter was spotted out by people in the crowd, they yelled at him, you are apart of Jesus disciples, he screamed back " no I don not know the man…

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  • Summary Of Mishnah Sanhedrin: Rescue

    “Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world”, Mishnah Sanhedrin Rescue in Albania Introduction The Holocaust was the biggest disaster in modern Jewish history, and the largest genocide in the 20th century; the Nazi regime and their allies brutally killed close to six millions innocent Jews (more than two thirds of Jewish population in Europe at that time). With Adolf Hitler’s appointment as a chancellor of Germany, life of Jews changed very significantly. Starting in…

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  • Passion Of The Christ Analysis

    The Divine Plan The Passion of the Christ, a Hollywood portrayal of the judgement and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, brings to life the Gospel’s narration of the most important day of mankind. This paper will demonstrate that although the movie’s depiction slanted towards a bias of the Jewish people being against Jesus, the Sanhedrin were not representatives of the sediment of the Jews. It will also show that Pontius Pilate, a man of consciousness, was ultimately used as a pawn by God to carry…

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  • Essay On Saul Of Tarsus

    Formal education usually began in the synagogue at the age of six years. The Pentateuch [The first five books of the Old Testament] was studied beginning with Leviticus. THE SANHEDRIN COURT The second major institution of the Jews was the Sanhedrin court, which was made up of seventy Jewish men and was presided over by the High Priest. Both Pharisees and Sadducees served on the Sanhedrin. This court can only be traced back to about 200 B.C.; yet, it likely had its beginning as the Jerusalem…

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  • Stephen In The Bible

    In the way, he lived and passed on, Stephen launch the early Christian church from its neighborhood Jerusalem roots to a cause that spread over the whole world. Little is thought about Stephen in the Bible before he was appointed a minister in the young church, as portrayed in Acts 6:1-6. Even though he was only one of seven men ensured sustenance was genuinely circulated to the Grecian dowagers, Stephen soon started to emerge: Presently Stephen, a man brimming with God's effortlessness and…

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  • Influence Of Greek Culture In Milton Steinberg's As A Driven Leaf

    as they had to face a plethora of challenges. After Alexander the Great had conquered most of the east, from Egypt to India, the spread of Greek culture was inevitable. This came to be known as the Hellenistic period and it had many of the Rabbis in a perturbed state. In the novel, As A Driven Leaf, Milton Steinberg discusses the influence of the Hellenistic culture on the Jewish community. Throughout the novel a major discussion point has been whether or not a man should study other resources…

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  • A Christ-Like Figure In Billy Budd, By Herman Melville

    In Billy Budd, the Sanhedrin is represented by Claggart, the master at arms. He despises Billy for his good looks, good nature, and inherent goodness and searches for a reason to justify his hate. One occasion that Claggart uses to justify his feeling occurs when Billy spills soup as Claggart is walking by. Claggart makes a comment to Billy that the crew takes as a joke as they can not see the expression that Claggart has, a "bitter smile, usurping the face from the heart" (39) nor can they hear…

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  • The Cause Of Herod's Rise To Power

    despite his youth and lack of previous command responsibility. He chose to demonstrate his freshly acquired authority by dealing firmly with the problem of lawlessness.” (GELB P 17) This confidence and a brutal enforcer for Rome will only continue all throughout Herod’s tenure professionally and also personally. When Herod executed a man named Hezekiah, who had banded a group of Galileans together and were causing troubling in the surrounding area, along with some of the followers. (GELB P 17)…

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  • Peter And Paul's Outline Of Acts

    was Stephan. It is said that Stephan was full of faith. So much so, that he got into an argument with the Sanhedrin over that fact that they could not accept Jesus as the Messiah and they were still denying the Holy Spirt, for this Stephan was stoned. This is how Luke chooses to present Saul, who oversaw the death of Stephan. Saul, who was a Jew, persecuted the church and in prisoned Christians. When he was on a road to Damascus, to continue his plans of persecution, Jesus came to him in a…

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  • Comparing Paul's Missionary Journeys, Sadducees And Zealots

    Once the Sanhedrin court pronounced the sentence of death, it was their custom to send a representative to the stoning and the first stone was thrown by the representative; symbolically representing the Sanhedrin. And, as Saul witnessed the death of Stephen, he watched after the vestures of those who did the stoning. Perhaps, Paul never forgot seeing Stephen’s face when it looked like the face of an angel (Acts 6:15) or hearing his prayer, “Lord lay not this sin to their charge.” (Acts 7:60)…

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