Summary Of Mishnah Sanhedrin: Rescue

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“Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world”,
Mishnah Sanhedrin
Rescue in Albania
The Holocaust was the biggest disaster in modern Jewish history, and the largest genocide in the 20th century; the Nazi regime and their allies brutally killed close to six millions innocent Jews (more than two thirds of Jewish population in Europe at that time). With Adolf Hitler’s appointment as a chancellor of Germany, life of Jews changed very significantly. Starting in Germany, and later through majority of German-controlled lands, Jews were forced into ghettos and then killed in the gas chambers, in many places throughout Europe Jews were gathered together, they were forced to dig a pit and were killed right there. Places like Babi Yar, Auschwitz, Treblinka and Majdanek will forever remain as symbols of most evil crime ever committed by humans.
Countries like Poland, Germany, Austria, Latvia and Lithuania suffered the most. By the end of the Second World War only one tenth of the Jewish population survived. Jews of Hungary, Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine and Slovakia lost more than two thirds of their population. More than fifty percent of Jews survived in France, Bulgaria and Russia.
Jewish population of every country in Europe declined in the years of Holocaust, whether it was by 90 percent like
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Leon Isaac, the head of the family returned in 1948, to show his gratitude to the family who saved him and his family during the Holocaust. Leon wanted to give as a present a restaurant to Destan family and offered to pay all the expenses for the next ten years. They didn’t want to move to Macedonia, and never sought a recognition; since it says in Koran: “in the name of G-d we help all humans” . In 1949, the communist party of Albania imprisoned Destan

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