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  • Summary Of The Lost Letters Of Pergamum

    series of letters from the apostle Luke converting a roman nobleman named Antipas. Calpurnius is a very smart man who is also a nobleman and also a very good friend to Antipas. Luke who we do not see until collection three, this is the Luke we know that wrote the book of Luke and acts who was one of the twelve apostles. Everything that we have already learned about Luke him being a doctor and everything else is what we know about Luke. Antipas is a roman noble lives in Pergamum and full of wealth and fame. At first Antipas appeared to be like the typical roman nobleman, but he is very dynamic. He goes from a typical nobleman to dying at the end for a close friend. Antipas will be mentioned in one…

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  • Summary The Shadow Of The Galilean By Gerard Theissen

    Gerd Theissen, a German Protestant theologian and New Testament Scholar is also a Professor of New Testament at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He is the author in the narrative theology, The Shadow of the Galilean: the Quest for the Historical Jesus in Narrative Form. This book follows a fictional account from the character Andreas, who is on a quest to find Jesus and who He is. Although Andreas is fictional he is accurately historic and the narrative takes second so that the historical…

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  • Jesus's Journey

    commanded. I did not believe what I was seeing. Pilate order the roman soldiers to take Jesus away, where he would be punished. Once gain the disciples followed Jesus. There a was a whole group of us who went to watch Jesus suffer the consequences. Jesus was cuffed to a rock, while the roman soldiers laughed. Jesus was prepared, the commander order him to be whipped with sticks, it was a nasty sight. Jesus went through several different types of torture. At the end of this punishment, Jesus was…

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  • Archetypal Jesus In A Separate Peace, By John Knowles

    In the novel A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, Gene and Finny have boarding school experiences during World War II. Finny helps Gene mature throughout the story. Finny is an archetypal Jesus because of he preaches his ideas to his peers, his death is similar to Jesus’s, and his charismatic personality. One reason Finny is an archetypal Jesus is because Finny preaches his ideas to his peers. For example, Finny invents a game called blitzball after being disappointed by other sports.…

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  • The Shadow Of The Galilean Summary

    did not know who he was. When they approached him he tried to run away from them, Baruch didn 't take his food or drinks, but they convinced him to come with them because he was banded from the Essenes and did not want to leave him in the wilderness. Baruch was one of them now and they all left the wilderness to go to Jericho. Andreas reports some of his findings back to Metilius, He told Metilius that they represent no danger to the state(43). The Essenes interpreted their marriages laws very…

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  • Compare And Contrast Aristobulus And Hyrcanus

    brother, Aristobulus. Then, after receiving help from Antipater, an Idumean governor, and the Nabatean kingdom, Hyrcanus was successful in pursuing Aristobulus once again. Aristobulus took refuge in the temple area and fortified himself. Roman armies, under the leadership of Pompey, came on the scene, supported Hyrcanus, and defeated Aristobulus. Pompey forcibly entered the Holy of Holies in the temple, which created a great deal of hostility between Jews and Rome. Through the Roman…

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  • Analysis Of Oscar Wilde's Salome

    was the stepdaughter of Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Judaea, who killed his brother, Salome’s father and married her mother Herodias. John the Baptist condemned the marriage of Antipas and marriage and abused them, so he was imprisoned by the Tetrarch.…

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  • John The Baptist Thesis Statement

    John did not remain silent and spoke out about the King breaking God’s law by marrying his half-brother’s wife. He also denunciated the king adulterous and incestuous wife Herodias, who was also the wife of his half-brother Philip. Because of the denunciation, Antipas arrested John and imprisoned him at Machaerus Fortress, which was located on the Dead Sea (Luke 3:18-20). Also, Herodias was angry and upset by the condemnation too. So, Herodias had her daughter, Salome, performed a dance for…

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  • What Is Jesus Secret

    writing that Jesus is THE holy figure that is placed here on Earth to fix the mistakes that the Pharisees was spreading. He recruited 12 disciples to go on the journey with him. Knowing how dangerous the task of reformation was, Jesus tried to keep his identity a secret, and only disclosing it to few. He spoke in parables so they way everyone “knows” what he is talking about, but they do not comprehend what he is saying, not even his apostles. It is not until Peter realize what Jesus is, does…

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  • Gospel Of John Essay Questions

    following the Hebrew Bible but rejected any newer traditions. The Essenes is a smaller Jewish group that lived a communal lifestyle near the Dead sea again from the second century BCE through the first century CE. This Jewish sect was originally a group of priests that were founded by a “teacher of righteousness” in the Hasmonean era. The Essenes strongly believed and expected God to send two separate prophets one as a king and another as a priest. They are popularly known for their rejection of…

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