Personal Narrative: My Field Trip To Ocean City

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For my self guided field trip i originally chose Belmar beach in New Jersey, but with my chaotic school schedule and work schedule i had to travel locally. Instead I chose to take a day trip to Ocean City, Maryland. I lived in Ocean City, Maryland the summer prior so I had knowledge of the fun little beach town. ( My schedule consists of academic work Sunday through Thursday and working Thursday night through Saturday. Usually i work Saturdays but out of luck i was able to take off from work on friday to drive down during the day time. I was accompanied by my mother and little sister who are ages (44 and 10). I drove my my Jeep which usually fills up the tank with about 25-30$ depending on the gas prices. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to ocean city from my home. It takes almost an entire gas tank for one way. So i spent a total of 52.00$
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There is several human indications such as a board walk connected to the beach that consists of restaurants, shops, hotels and rental homes. There are several docs along the beach and in more residential areas, there are boats that are docked near the homes. I also noticed the littering around the beach including squished water bottles and chip bags. Which is really unfortunate because the creatures of the beaches could potentially be harmed by humans littering. Plastic is the most common type of marine litter worldwide according to a fact sheet on (2017). This website also mentions “Worldwide, 82 of 144 examined bird species contained plastic debris in their stomachs; and in some cases, 80 percent of the population had consumed plastic. Researchers found that 66 percent of Giant Petrel shorebirds regurgitated plastic when feeding their chicks.” Personally witnessing this negative impact makes me upset with the carelessness of humans and their

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