Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Bahamas

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I can still remember the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore, the feel of the bright sun shining down onto my skin, the seagulls cawing in the distance, the smell of the salty water in the air, and the feel of the sand on my bare feet. Have you ever had piña colada in the sunset? Well, it’s unforgettable.

Ever since I was six months old, I have been fortunate enough to visit the place that I love with all of my heart. I have made many great memories here with my family. Throughout my life I have returned to the Bahamas eleven times. My favorite hotel here is known as Atlantis, and my personal artifact isn’t one single thing, but a collection of sand and shells that I have collected over the years. I adore this place so much that I
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I love swimming my heart out at their gigantic water park and lovely beach. Whenever I relax at the beach I always find new unique shells to add to my collection. I also have many photos from this place, but a photo can only capture so much. This is why I love to bring back little reminders of the happy times I spent here so I can cherish it for years to come.

I feel like I have made as many memories here as the number of grains of sand in my collection. I actually had the opportunity to return to my elysium last year and add new memories to my collection. The shells serve as a little memento to help me remember the overwhelming senses only serenity can give.

I love what the sand and shells represent. They represent so much that I believe that only words cannot portray their full meaning. From the many memories of plunging down a 60 foot water slide into a shark filled tank to seeing the thousands of beautiful marine lives living together in harmony, the experiences that Atlantis can offer you are endless. I feel like this collection of shells and sand should be viewed as a whole. As Novalis said, “Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise.” My collection is my center point of sweet memories for my

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