Cause And Effect Essay On Beach Erosion

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Imagine the world without beaches, especially the state of Florida. “For many people, Florida is beaches” (Hellegaard). Beach erosion is a big deal to a lot of places, especially the ones that get a majority of their tourism from the beaches that are visited year round; Florida gets most of its tourism revenue from the beach goers so when the beach has been annihilated from the big storms that form off the coastline, aka Hurricanes; no matter the force of the storm, the beaches are almost always affected. Many factors from said storms affect the beaches; high waves and the storm surges are the two factors that contribute to the problem, sometimes they can be very disastrous. They cause three types of coastal changes on our beautiful beaches and they are collision; where the beach dunes are eroded by both waves and the storm surge( the rise in the sea due to pressure changes and wind that comes with a storm), overwash; where the sand is transported towards the land over the beaches and dunes by both the waves and surge and inundation; where the beaches and …show more content…
There are several ways to rebuild our beaches when they devastated by storms in a way that they are no longer pretty to look at or go to. Beach Nourishment, building structures, and a managed retreat to name a couple of techniques that could be used to rebuild the beaches. Although they help save the coastline, they also hurt our [ the taxpayers ] pockets. But another thing that is making it easier for the coastlines to be carried either inland or out to sea is the fact that we are building on our beaches, because people who are willing to pay more for a home or a condo what to have a beachfront property. “For decades now, Americans have put up digs by the shore, building homes,boardwalks,hotels, and entire beachfront communities” (Stiefel and Cannell

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