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  • Essay On Drinking Horn

    First, scrape off any rough parts on the outside of the horn. You can use a sharp knife or piece of broken glass (leather workers use a piece of glass to scrape leather - it works the best on horns too). Steel Wool rough/fine/super-fine Steel Wool rough/fine/super-fine Now take a piece of rough steel wool (not S.O.S. steel wool pads, they will stain your horn) or fine sand paper and carefully (and gently) sand the outside of your horn. Again, take your time and work carefully. Gently buff your horn with the steel wool or fine sandpaper until it is smooth. Gradually use a finer grade of steel wool or very fine sandpaper to make the outside of your horn even smoother. There are no shortcuts, just take your time. There will be scratches as you sand, these will be removed with an even finer grade of steel wool or sand paper. Jeweler 's cloth Jeweler 's cloth Once you have made the outside of your horn smooth from the finest grade of steel wool or sandpaper, take a jeweler 's cloth and polish it until you have a mirror like surface. You can use the Jeweler 's cloth to polish it after you finished it as well to get an even shinier finish. Plus Shine and polish your jewelry. I love these cloths. Lining and Sealing the inside of your Horn (Optional) If you do not wish to line and seal your horn, then skip to the section: "Curing Your Horn" Some people like to line and seal the inside of their drinking horns. This is a personal choice and even sparks debate between…

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  • Friction Of Friction Lab

    multiple surfaces were cardboard, sandpaper, rubber and cork. My hypothesis experimented that the block of wood had many factors that determine the friction of the four surfaces would be the material, normal force and that static friction is way greater than kinetic…

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  • Lab 4.3 Lab

    multiple blocks across different surfaces and finding the difference in friction. 4.3 was about pulling blocks but in a bigger surfaces area. In Lab 4.1 we had to pull different blocks across different surfaces. The surfaces were a tabletop, wax paper, paper towel, fine sandpaper, and coarse sandpaper. In order we had to pull a wood block over those surfaces 4 times. And then after that we had to get the averages and put them into a bar graph. Tabletop average was 0.62 newtons. Wax paper’s…

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  • Earth Worm Lab Hypothesis

    The results of the experiment was that the worm went toward the water all 3 times. I accept my hypothesis because I correctly predicted that the worm would go to the water. Two possible errors in the experiment is that the paper towels with the substances were not completely flat, and that the saltwater might not have been as salty as water you would find in the ocean. Two improvements would have been to flatten the paper towels, and to get water from the ocean. The final hypothesis is that if…

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  • Tvisha Montessori Philosophy

    counting, and spindle box. While counting the number of classmates at circle, she is able to count to 15. One of her favorite activities is working with the 0 – 9 bead bars, counting the beads on each bead bar. Tvisha also loves to explore the spindle box and teen bead bar. She will continue to develop her knowledge of numbers and their respective symbols next semester. We look forward to supporting her mathematical awareness. January Comment: Tvisha enjoys learning letter sounds using the…

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  • Clear Your Deck Clean

    If you want your deck to look really nice again, often all you need to do is give it a little attention. Restore your deck and make it look like new by following the simple steps below. Clear Your Deck The first thing you need to do is take all the furniture and remove it from your deck. You don't want to leave anything on your deck. It will be easier for you to clean and work on your deck when it is cleared. Sand Down Rough Edges Inspect your deck and see if there are any areas where the…

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  • Running Into The Woods: A Short Story

    so nice you want to stay outside all day. As they walked back to the house, Andrew sprinted into the garage with his pile of sticks, Adam following shortly after. They took their messy mug covered sticks and ran into the house yelling “Grandpa Grandpa!” He gave a hearty chuckle and slowly stood up as they rushed into the room. “Are these what you want to use?” He asked. “Yea!” They both responded excitedly. He stood up from his creaky old chair, grabbing the sticks and getting a mischievous…

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  • Hair Removal Research Paper

    Epilator and shaver Flexible epilator / shaver with a variety of accessories. The smartest stretches the skin so epilation hurts less. It works surprisingly well, but the habit epilerare most appreciate the narrow epilation head for the bikini line. A good nyb?rjark?p. Tip: Take a painkiller tablet half an hour before epilating. Satinelle Wet & Dry 6523 HP, Philips, 799 SEK. 5. Hair removal with extra everything Rechargeable machine with extra wide epilator head that vibrates and follows the…

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  • How To Make Iron Fencing

    Cleaning: Salt and other harsh chemicals used for snow removal can also damage your wrought iron railing and fence. Sweep away excess chemicals and when temperatures are warm enough wash away remaining residue. Act Immediately: Once you notice the first signs of rust on your iron balconies or fencing, don't wait for it to get worse. First, get rid of the rust by using fine-grit sandpaper and gently wipe the area clean. Then, paint over it with metal primer and paint. Now you are ready to…

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  • Flour Beetle Behavior Paper

    and downwind (blowing from behind the beetles toward the food source); we performed three replicates of each group, with each group including a ten-beetle sample size. We released the group of ten beetles at the same time into the arena where white flour was on the opposite end of the release point; the bottom of the arena was lined with sandpaper because of the beetles’ inability to move across smooth surfaces. Using fans to simulate wind, we timed the beetles for four minutes. Groups were…

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