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  • Practical Magic

    Movie Review: Practical Magic The story begins by involving a family that has had witches for 300 years and because of an ancient curse the husband’s will die with the signal of the death watch beetle serving as their advanced warning to avoid the heartbreak that comes with love. The film Practical Magic is based upon the book written by Alice Hoffman in 1995. The character Sally, played by Sandra Bullock, attempts to thwart the curse by casting a spell creating a man she feels does not exist, but meanwhile her sister, Gilly, played by Nichole Kidman becomes involved in an abusive relationship but cannot summon the death watch beetle with marriage because she does not love him so he is given an overdose of a sedative Belladonna and killed.…

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  • Crash

    Crash is Paul Haggis’s famous follow up to his first critically acclaimed film Million Dollar Baby, and with his reputation on the line, Haggis has rolled up his sleeves to create a film that in many eyes is a rarity. Crash is a hackneyed masterpiece. The film portrays the lives of many characters over thirty six hours as they encounter taut situations of racial discrimination. Among the mass of characters that plague the film, several others stand out and prove to be more than their one…

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  • How Does Swift Want The Reader To View His Speaker Summary

    How does Swift want the reader to view his speaker? That is, how would Swift want his reader to describe the persona he adopts? From a broad perspective, Swift strives to depict his speaker as a conspicuously erudite individual, who, in turn, possesses noteworthy intellectual capacities. In further elaboration upon this reality, throughout the course of the essay, the speaker assesses contrasting viewpoints and renders sufficient explanations, as to why posed alternatives would fail to suffice.…

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  • The Sandra Bullock Trade Analysis

    1. The first text, “The Sandra Bullock trade” written by David Brooks is at first about Sandra Bullock. She had just won an Academy award for best actress, and almost simultaneously it came out that her husband was cheating on her. The big question is, is happiness a fair trade for success and wealth. This text claims that you are crazy if you have to think about it for more than 3 seconds because happiness is far more important than money. A successful marriage is more important than money. If…

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  • Graduation Speech: Sandra Bullock For President

    Now Is The Time! My fellow Americans, look around you and what do you see for your future? Butchers, bakers, candlestick makers? Are you ready to have control of your future? Now it’s time to go hand and hand; now it’s time to take a stand; now it’s time to vote Sandra Bullock for president. Sandra would be a good nominee for president because she knows how to take control and I say this because she has she has not only acted in T.V. shows and movies but she has produced many shows like George…

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  • Movie Review: 28 Days By Sandra Bullock

    I chose the movie 28 days starring Sandra Bullock. Sandra’s character Gwen was an alcoholic and addicted to Vicodin. She had gone through the cycle of addiction and was ruining her life from the drugs. She is sent to rehab after stealing the limo at her sister’s wedding and crashing it into a building since she was driving drunk. She was given the choice to do jail time or 28 days of rehab and she chose the rehab. While at rehab she had a rough time going through the withdrawal symptoms and…

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  • Gender Roles In Moths By Sandra Cisneros And Helena Maria Viramontes

    Women writers have become successful with their works by going beyond social norm standards. They have been critiqued because of their gender roles and are expected to not disobey a man, yet they have proven to not let that be a barrier towards their goals and success. Both Sandra Cisneros and Helena Maria Viramontes use various narrative strategies like the Control and Exercise of Chicana Sexuality, Bildungsroman Novel, and the Reinterpretation of Myths to break with traditional stereotypes of…

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  • Analysis Of Barbie Doll By Marge Piercy

    In Marge Piercy’s narrative poem, “Barbie Doll”, the story of a young girl is told from the viewpoint of an outside speaker watching her grow up around the norms of society and ultimately ends her life because of it. Throughout each stanza, a new important piece of information is expressed to the readers to contribute to both the theme and tone of the poem. Piercy is able to cultivate the idea that inward beauty is not valued in today’s society, and that artificial perfection can only be…

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  • The House On Mango Street Analysis

    Every human being is born with a desire for a sense of belonging. Whether it is at their jobs, schools, or amongst their friends, people will always search for acceptance. The House on Mango Street, a novel beautifully crafted by author Sandra Cisneros depicts a young Latino girl's prolonged search for an identity. Cisneros portrays the young girl's evolution throughout the book by using ethnic and thematic elements. Through many hardships and life-changing experiences, Esperanza slowly blossoms…

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  • Across A Hundred Mountains

    (a) Across a Hundred Mountains (2006) a fictional novel that employs two different perspectives on the main character Juana, that travels across Mexico and the U.S to find her father. b. (b) The Distance Between Us: A Memoir (2013) a memoir that narrates the experiences of Grande growing up in Iguala, Guerrero and later in Los Angeles fist as an undocumented immigrant and later as a legal resident. In addition to my primary texts, I will use interviews and podcasts of Sandra Cisneros and Reyna…

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