Compare And Contrast The Basilica Of St Senin And Cathedral Of Chartres

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Comparing and Contrasting:
The Basilica of Saint Sernin and Cathedral of Chartres
Centuries have passed and to this day churches tower above France, marking the astonishing legacy of the Romanesque and Gothic styles designed in the Middle Ages. A Romanesque church example is the Basilica of St. Sernin in Toulouse, France 1080-1120 (fig.1) and an example of a Gothic church is the Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Chartres in Chartres, France 1194-1260 (fig.2). Much like their periods, the Basilica of Saint Sernin and the Cathedral of Chartres have many similarities regarding their styles, function, and context; however also have many differences.

The Basilica and the Cathedral both had radiating chapels and apse; vaults, arches; vault supports;
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The artists were anonymous. The Gothic Cathedral was built under the direction of Bishop Fulbert and later Geoffroy de Leves. The Gothic style followed after Romanesque and was made as improvement to it. Both the Romanesque and the Gothic are designed for religious and educational purposes and even on a cruciform plan. The Basilica of Saint Sernin contains the body Saint Sernin, the first Bishop of Toulouse in c. 250 (Saint-Sernin Basilica). According to the tradition the Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Chartres has housed the tunic of the Blessed Virgin since 876. The Chartres communicates a message through the imagery of good and bad found throughout the church. Some symbolism found in the Cathedral are the light-stained glass; this makes you look toward the “light” and away from the “darkness”, it also allowed the church to be light-filled with colors which makes an breathtaking experience while standing in this large church. The vertical standing Cathedral makes people look up in the sky, which symbolizes looking up at God and divinity. Similarly, the Basilica allowed you to walk in and be in a “new world” from its vast spaces. The churches were places that people could belong to at this

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