Why Are Cathedrals Considered Sacred Architecture

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Gothic cathedrals and Greek temples are both considered sacred architecture. Scared architecture (or religious architecture) is dedicated to the design and structure of places of worship. This beautiful type of architecture is developed in its own unique way that has spanned over years and years of time. Creative minds, hard working people, and the people of the time helped contribute to these magnificent buildings, and even today these structures are an important part of human history. Gothic Cathedrals are intricately designed architectural features, which date back to 1144 and earlier. Gothic architecture began with an outbreak. Those who thought that the exterior, which was filled with buttresses, was ugly later used the term “gothic” to describe it. Those who lived in Italy had unpleasant memories of the invaders, the Goths. “It looks like something those terrible Goths would build.” Thus the name gothic stuck. Greek Temples were meant to serve as homes for the individual god or goddess who protected and sustained the community. It was the needs of the gods that were most important. They controlled the forces of nature— the sun and rain, which nourished their crops, and the winds that drove their ships. Although generally benevolent, the gods could be quite capricious and were liable to turn against …show more content…
The two objects of focus are the gothic cathedral structure and the Greek temple. The two landmarks have been known for ages. This is because of their spectacular appearance as well as the generations that have been to the places. In the world, we have different architectural buildings and designs that are specific to the regions in which they are found. They define the beliefs and culture of the residents of the place. I will be discussing two specific types of these sacred architectural buildings: The temple of Zeus, and the cathedral Notre

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