Compare And Contrast The Pantheon And The Parthenon

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The Greek and Roman empires has written their names in golden words in the world history and has brought huge legacy to humanity and they inspire almost of the world in one aspect or the other. The Parthenon and the Pantheon are two examples that portray how mighty those cultures were, with skillful artisans and avant-gardist thinker.
Consider how the style and function (use) of each building serves as a typical example of its culture.
The Parthenon was built 447-438 BC, by Iktinos, Kalikrates (, n.d.) and present the cultural style and live of the Greek empire by that time. At first sight, these people were highly educated, and good in calculation and mathematics. That is was has led them to construct such beautify and solid
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The Pantheon was constructed in126 AD Publius Aelius Hadrianus ( n.d.) and was dedicated to the numerous gods the Greeks had. The Pantheon is a massive building deriving directly from the Doric style. It has a sense of power and strength and I believe one reason they had to build such a massive temple to their gods; was basically to put them a little higher than those of other rival but powerful cultures such as the …show more content…
Therefore, comparing the temple will first take to their form, and we shall see that they are all of rock and also utilizing the Doric stylistic design.
Secondly, their usage is another aspect of their similarities, because they were both primarily build as temples and dedicated to gods, Athena for the Parthenon and All Roman gods for the Pantheon (, n.d.). Further, Diffen (n.d.) bring out the interesting fact that they have both one time of their history been used as churches.
Moreover, their Structure is identical with the use the same number of Doric style columns (8) to support a pediment. Historically, the Parthenon and Pantheon had faced destruction from numeral assault from other cultures, but due to their powerful build-up, had all been able to sustain those attacks (, n.d.).
On the other side, there are also numerous aspect that help stand each of these buildings from each other. To start with, the form or design of the Pantheon is circular while the Parthenon is rectangular (Diffen, n.d.). According to them, the first was built of concrete, granite and marble, while the other was of

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