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  • Coca-Cola

    One of the many ways individuals can view those ads are through social media, the newspaper, on billboards, at sporting events, on the radio, and even on television. In fact, advertisers are a key component because they are the ones who come up with catch phrases, in McDonald 's case, "I 'm lovin it" which is embedded in our minds whether we have or haven 't previously been at their fast food establishment. Consequently, now this is a common catch phrase used at any time and anywhere, these three simple words now represent McDonalds as a whole. A point often overlooked is how advertisers are specific on the choice of wording, color, font, and even the choice of a picture in an ad. The reason for this is because they are trying to capture a specific crowd and appeal to them through the benefit of advertisement. At the same time, advertisers are trying to appeal to the targeted crowd, which they take the chance to negatively compare their competitors and this leads to growth of customers for the positively advertised company. In the long run without the aid of advertisers,…

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  • Constituents Function And Function

    1. Introduction This paper presents a sentence to analyze how constituents function and the four test that can be used to prove the constituent. Linguist consider a constituent to be a structural unit made of a word or words that create the sentence and other phrases as well. In (1) the sentence that is analyzed and the constituents that are going to be tested are presented. Branches are used to show the boundaries that form the constituents. 1. Sentence and Constituents a. He might have been…

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  • Improving My English Class

    as I wrote more rough drafts. Compared to the beginning of the semester, where my word choice was horrendous, my word choice had notably improved. My writing felt more effective when read aloud. I remember the “trick” I used to improve my word choice: Will my audience understand this word, and does it convey exactly what I’m trying to say? Once I started asking myself that question, my word choice began its exponential improvement. Another weak point that I saw improve quickly was my sentence…

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  • What Is The Meaning Of The Road Not Taken

    Christina wants to show her audience what the stanzas are saying that Frost make the readers avoid the hidden meaning. She sees some phrases in the poem “equally laid” and “just as fair” are the same. Frost may have used unnecessary phrase in his poem to give it a smooth transition or to make the poem sound more soothing. The source from Christina have proven that some of the phrases in his poem are unnecessary and readers misinterpret him as a professional…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Banished Word List

    Banished words are words or phrases that can be misinterpreted, misused, overused, or otherwise deemed useless. Every year Lake Superior States University releases a list of banished words. These words come from a variety of sources across the entire country. These banished word nominations are sent in and a committee makes their decision of which words make the cut before the end of each year. Inspired by words on the Banished Word List, our team was tasked to come up with 10 words which we…

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  • Krag's Second Language Observation

    Miss Krag read an owl’s book, then she asked to work in partner and come up with few subjects, then with adjectives, or finishers, for example: The black owl has hooked beaks. Miss Krag is promoting the use of uncommon vocabulary words. A more complete sentence is “the true owl has tufts on its head,” or “the owls have soft feathers and sharp talons to catch their pray. This activity is all about challenging children to think, and to communicate using English grammar correct. After finishing the…

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  • Emotion In Kate Chopin's 'The Storm'

    Kate Chopin’s, “The Storm” begins with a storm rolling in around New Orleans, Louisiana. Calixta, seeing the storm coming, steps outside to take her husband and sons clothes off the clothesline and encounters her previous lover, Alcee, whom she invites in her home out of the elements. After she voiced her concern for her husband and son during the storm, lightening frightened Calixta, and she shared her fear of the house being hit by lightning, Alcee held her for comfort. They spoke of past…

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  • Interobserver

    correctly with an average of 97% of the time with a range from 83% to 100%. Procedures Baseline During baseline, Mary read the AR book for one minute without being interrupted. The number of words misread was counted and subtracted from the total number of words read. If Mary encountered words she was unable to read within three seconds, she was instructed to go to the next word. The unread word was scored as misread. Intervention #1 The first treatment consisted of verbally correcting Mary’s…

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  • Sеng And Eng Vocabulary

    When preposition on occur before a specific date or day of the week ( related to time ), it is removed or omitted from the sentence in USEng. E.g. USEng : The new store will open Feb. 1st EngEng: The new store will open on Feb. 1st 2.Before temporal nouns indicating repetition or habitual action, the preposition may be omitted in USEng (the nouns must become plural if deletion occurs): USEng :He works days and studies nights EngEng: He works…

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  • Symbolism In Creative Writing

    In an effort to keep things succinct, we’ll focus on three: Option 1: Repetition Authors use repetition of ideas and objects to form symbolism. They bring the idea or object up multiple times in multiple scenarios to show it’s far-reaching implications on the story. Examples might include the Mockingjay pin and President Snow’s white rose in The Hunger Games series (I think both are in all three books), the red rose in Beauty and the Beast, the clothing colors in Divergent and the Bliss in The…

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