Rhetorical Analysis On Like A Girl

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About two years ago, the feminine care product company, Always, came out with a commercial that supported women. The commercial is named #LikeAGirl. This commercial brings to the light the way girls are viewed in this society. The commercial particularly targets the phrase, “like a girl” that is normally used as an insult in today’s society. #LikeAGirl shows several girls and some boys being questioned about the phrase “like a girl”. #LikeAGirl clearly shows how a girl’s self-esteem diminishes as she hits puberty and is subjected to society’s views on the female gender and how wrong that is.

In the beginning of the commercial, older girls and a few boys are asked to demonstrate what “running like a girl” looks like. All of the participants pretend to run in a very ‘girly’, weak way. The commercial continues with the participants being asked to do other activities “like a girl” such as fighting and throwing. After the older girls and boys demonstrate what society has deemed “like a girl” means, younger girls are brought in and asked the same questions. The younger girls act like themselves and do not demonstrate the ideas of “like a girl” that society forces upon girls.
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#LikeAGirl is a commercial that really touches the hearts of others. Imagine a mother of at least one daughter that is struggling through situations where she is put down for being a girl; that mother who sees this commercial is going to think of her daughter and show it to her to try and empower her. By using regular girls in this commercial and not famous actresses it cuts deeper into emotions. Using regular girls shows that other girls who feel alone in this issue are not and they can feel good about themselves no matter what they are called by

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