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  • Kenneth Waltz Essay

    Kenneth Waltz was one of the most highly regarded political theorists of our time. He is fondly remembered for his contribution in the form of major works to the field of International Relations- Man, the State and War (1959), Theory of International Politics (1979) and The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: More May be Better (1981). However, his greatest legacy to the field of International Politics was his study that facilitated the revival/resurrection of realism. Realism is the objective study of global phenomena and behavioral patterns of state and non-state actors in the international realm. It attributes raison d’état to state behavior and justifies real-time state actions by connoting self-interest and survival to all state actions. The three core principles of…

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  • Realism Vs Liberalism Research Paper

    thus opposed to idealism. Materialism and naturalism are forms of realism”, according to (The American Heritage 2015) . The Realist’s theory can be portrayed as being self-centered and only wanting what is best for themselves, in a competitive manner. Also based around the importance of power and strategies. A perspective which has also been shared by an English philosopher Thomas Hobbes and Thucydides. The Realist influence prominently came from Kenneth Waltz’s Theory of international…

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  • Classical Realism Research Paper

    too and that overwhelming power is best way to ensure survival. Mearsheimer says “The logic is straightforward: a scared state will look especially hard for way to enhance its security, and it will be disposed to pursue risky policies to achieve that end.” (43). A state that is scared is not just going to sit back and wait for another state to attack them, this would be foolish in the eyes of an offensive realist. A scared state will always look for way to maximize their power, thus ensuring…

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  • Interdependence Theory

    Keohane and Joseph S. Nye Jr. These books explain theoretical tools by showcasing how such tools explain state behavior. As the world continues to evolve scholars and theorist attempt to change and evolve the realist and liberalist theory to match and address the currently state events in international politics. After the cold war ended many scholars believed it was the end of history and that liberal democracy had won over any other forms of government. The 9/11 events in 2001 displayed a…

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  • Change In International Politics

    where the state must rely on their own capabilities to achieve interests and security. This leads to a situation where a state’s force becomes the ultimate arbiter of dispute. Waltz writes, “Force is a means of achieving the external ends of states because there exists no consistent, reliable process of reconciling the conflicts of interests that inevitably arise among similar units in a condition of anarchy.” Although states are not engaged in constant warfare, the possibility that force…

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  • Liberalism: The Rise Of China's Superpower

    Everything in this world is tend to change. Beginning with the climate, technologies, population and ending with the economy, politics and international relations. China is not an exception in those changes. Over the last couple of years China has developed its economy to very significant level, under these circumstances it is possible that China could become a world’s superpower. This essay will consist of three parts, each part will look at different ways of analyzing the rise of China,…

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  • Fragmentation In International Relations

    The paradigms themselves are like fossils and the scholars who write within these paradigms are like dinosaurs. Fossils cannot be formed until long after the dinosaur has passed. The same is true of the paradigms, men like Waltz may be considered the father of structural realism, but it was not until after he was done writing that people could classify his theory. Furthermore, it will not be for a long time until the international relations scholars will be able to look back and see the effects…

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  • Kenneth Waltz And The Outcome Of The Cold War

    In the year of 1979, Kenneth Waltz created a hypothesis which stated “The world is more stable if dominated by fewer numbers of greater powers”. His main argument was that alliances would spread in a multipolar world rather than a bipolar world. The multipolar period is, six states fought for influence along with the distribution of power which was constantly changing. The Cold War era was only stable dude to the domination that was shared between two superpowers (A sovereign state with dominant…

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  • The Neorealism Theory: Kenneth Waltz And The Neorealist Theory

    Introduction: The Neorealist theory Kenneth Waltz in his book «Theory of International Politics» introduced the idea of neorealist theory. The theory can determine a state behavior and state interaction by using the structure. This structure is defined by the complex of some principles of the international system such as anarchy and the states' capabilities. Not only military power and the ability to use it with regard to other states are significant in the neorealism theory but also the…

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  • Comparing Man The State And War By Henry Kissinger And Kenneth Waltz

    Scholars like Hans Morgenthau, Henry Kissinger and Kenneth Waltz who are mostly associated with realism consider anarchy as the primary characteristic of the international system meaning that there is no central authority to settle disputes among competing member states. States therefore compete with each other due to the lack of a central authority. Realists view the world in terms of competition and conflict whereby there is a recurring struggle for power and its management. Kenneth Waltz…

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