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  • The Cornucopian Catastrophe

    Thomas Robert’s Malthus hypothesize that in the future population will exceed food production, which will cause an extreme scarcity of food and disease. Eventually leading to something known as the Malthusian catastrophe. This would happen because the population greatly increased while food supply decreased. Without control of the population, humanity would be reduced to disaster, such as poverty or state of war according to Malthusian theory. Malthus had a resolution to such problem. He expressed that there be restraint, such as practicing moderation, infertility, or being penalize for those having children they cannot support. Malthus advanced the Neo-Malthusian theory and states that “the means of subsistence increases at a ratio of arithmetic while the population increases faster than subsistence at a geometrical rate”. The theory therefore claims that there would be an inevitable amount/stock of goods supporting life in the future. According to the this, it would stop only if the rate of human reproduction declined or inclined of a calamity which would reduce the human population. Cornucopians on the other hand compared to Neo-Malthusians, does not…

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  • Independent Forecasting Case Study

    United States. The information obtained for this discussion was obtained through an extensive interview with a participant who has spent 5 years working with the company in a number of different capacities. Speaking under anonymity, the interviewee was able to provide extensive information on the operations of the company. By providing a first-hand experience, the participant was able to shed light on many different theories as they are practiced in real-time. CATASTROPHE RESPONSE UNIT…

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  • The Columbine Catastrophe

    he article I picked was the columbine catastrophe: it is an article that Andrew Gumbel (2009) will always remember it was the principal consistently shooting on a school grounds. On April 20, 1999, two teens went on a shooting binge at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, slaughtering 13 individuals and injuring more than 20 others before turning their firearms on themselves and committing suicide (Gumbel, 2009). The crime was the most exceedingly terrible high school shooting in U.S.…

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  • A Magnificent Catastrophe Summary

    The book A Magnificent Catastrophe by Edward J. Larson is about the election of 1800. This is the United States of America's most extraordinary and influential election that they have ever held due to all that it meant to the country. This election was the first election that had their own presidential campaigns no matter how chaotic and twisted the electoral process may have been. This election was so important that Larson called it “The Second American Revolution”(Larson 22). Larson called the…

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  • Chernobyl Catastrophe

    The Chernobyl Catastrophe and its Impact on the Environment Imagine New York City, a city bustling with life; busy streets, people flooding the sidewalks, flashing lights, and never ending noise. Now imagine a post-apocalyptic city; deserted streets, empty buildings, shattered windows, doors hanging from their hinges, weeds and overgrowth climbing up walls, and unsettling silence. This is how one may describe Pripyat, Ukraine. What was once a city filled with great activity and energy is now a…

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  • Malthusian Overpopulation

    were six editions of this essay which took into an account new factors and perspectives. This essay gave rise to the Malthusian controversy, which put an emphasis on marriage and birth rates. The neo-Malthusian controversy, which resulted many years after the Malthusian controversy, took into account similar factors; put a major emphasis on the number of children born. Rev. Malthus believed in two types of that could help reduce population growth. One type of check was preventive checks such as…

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  • Catastropheian Population

    Introduction Throughout the years, humans have tried to satisfy their unlimited desires with limited resources. The problem of scarcity that arises as a result on Earth is only amplified as the population grows. Historically, there have a number of viewpoints on the sustainability of population growth. Some of them have been more pessimistic than others. One of the most well known pessimistic viewpoints is that of Thomas Malthus. Thomas Robert Malthus was an English scholar and a professor of…

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  • Essay On Catastrophes Of America

    The United States has gone through a lot of things. The US has been in some wars like Civil War, World War One, World War Two, and many more. Therefore, they have also had many catastrophes. The worst thing is 9/11 it is a bad deal. Hoping for a better future, and not have as many wars and catastrophes. The United States of America has gone through numerous wars and very tragic wars like the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and many more. The Civil War began in 1861 and divided the nation. According to…

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  • What Is Nakba A Catastrophe?

    In "The Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe of 1948," by Lost Islamic History, Palestinians consider the formation of Israel a catastrophe because it was built on the land owned by Palestinians. Also because Israel and Palestinians had different ideologies, it was harder for them to tolerate each other especially since they were so close. Another reason is because Israel organized groups to forcefully take the homes and belongings of Palestinians, leaving them miserable and homeless. Around the…

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  • Malthus's Theory Of Overpopulation

    As a result, it would provide a smaller population, less poverty, and better food quality. However, all these are natural catastrophes which are not related to overpopulated countries. They visit even those countries where the population is on the decline or motionless such as Japan and…

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