A Magnificent Catastrophe Summary

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The book A Magnificent Catastrophe by Edward J. Larson is about the election of 1800. This is the United States of America's most extraordinary and influential election that they have ever held due to all that it meant to the country. This election was the first election that had their own presidential campaigns no matter how chaotic and twisted the electoral process may have been. This election was so important that Larson called it “The Second American Revolution”(Larson 22). Larson called the election this because it filled many of the holes that were still in the government that was about to be formed. The election process was filled with turmoil and confrontation between the two parties that were running against each other. Despite all of the betrayal between John Adams and John Jefferson they were still thought of highly in american history. The …show more content…
Larson did a magnificent job in informing the readers of the situation in the country, and how the Federalists and the Republicans fared in the Presidential election. We are shown in his writing the problems and turmoil that the election causes between friends and foes. We can also see how the election process has changed since then. We can see that during the 1800’s election there was a fluke in the voting process. Once the votes on the parties was concluded the two candidates for that party would be tied and this would give the House of Representatives the power to choose between the two candidates for the one they wanted. The writer did really well showing us how the election process can change people and how it is very important in being able to see who the candidates are. Larson managed to cover the Presidential Election fairly well in my opinion, I don't really see any flaws with his writings, in fact I think it is a great, informative book. I think this book has a lot of historical context and informs its readers of some presidential

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