What Is Nakba A Catastrophe?

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In "The Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe of 1948," by Lost Islamic History, Palestinians consider the formation of Israel a catastrophe because it was built on the land owned by Palestinians. Also because Israel and Palestinians had different ideologies, it was harder for them to tolerate each other especially since they were so close. Another reason is because Israel organized groups to forcefully take the homes and belongings of Palestinians, leaving them miserable and homeless. Around the 1940's when Zionists took charge, Arabians grew frustrated and declared war on Israel which led to the war of 1948. A combined invasion by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, entered Palestine and took control of the Arab areas and immediately attacked Israeli forces. This resulted in the victory of Israel. …show more content…
Due to the creation of Israelians, many Palestine were forced to live in refugee camps outside of Isreal which was completely unfair in the minds of the Arabs because their own land that they've lived in for centuries got invaded. Although this was a major conflict between Palestine and Israel, it was also about the fundamental shifts in attitude and political perception. Before Isreal invaded Palestine, Palestine offered to share their land with Israel but Israel didn't take that in a good way and sent troops to kill Palestinian children, torture innocent people, and release bombs. Overall, violence and the conquering of Palestine made Palestinians consider the formation of the State of Isreal a

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