Persuasive Essay On Dog Vs Cat

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In the wee hours of the morning, what pet would most American’s rather have jump on the bed to disturb their peaceful sleeping? A dog or a cat? Of course, a dog is man’s best friend and is the most preferred pet of choice in America according to most recent polls. But how could anyone not love a dog? They are fun loving, come in all shapes, sizes, and love to please their owners. Not to mention certain dogs can be trained to be in K9 units and hunting partners. This does not automatically mean cats come in second place, some just have a preference to what pet they like to own. Does one have to be a “cat person” to own a cat? Certainly not, they are just as loveable, fun, and great pets to own, just as dogs. However, they do differ in …show more content…
One may be turned off to the idea of adopting a cat because of bad experience or was told they are mean pets to own. While this is dependant on how any pet is raised, certain elements can be adopted from each side to benefit each pet owner. For example, if a dog owner were to adopt a cat, a benefit to that would be teaching responsibility. For instance, not every dog owner picks up their dogs waste, a cat owner has to clean the litter box every so often because cats like to have a clean bathroom. Another element that would benefit would be that having a cat in the same household as a dog would bring new experiences for the pets and owner. This would teach the pets to learn how to cohabitate and be around another type of species rather than their own. For the owner’s benefit, this new experience can teach them that adopting a cat can be a great experience and open their world up to new things. In return, a dog can benefit any cat owner by adoption in a few different ways. Certain dogs can be trained to protect the owner if an intruder were to harm its owner. In addition to providing personal protection for their owner’s, dogs are also trained to serve in K9 units. While not every cat cannot cohabit with another cat in the same home, another dog may provide an option that may begin a friendship. Dogs are well known for being man’s best friend, but they are also known for being great companions with other companions in the household

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