Argumentative Essay: Are Dogs Or Cats Better?

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The question of, “Are dogs or cats better?” has been around for a very long time because every person has their own idea of a perfect pet; consequently, there are specific reasons people are partial to one or the other. Since dogs and cats make up the biggest percentage of all household pets, they will be cross examined. The most distinct reasons why this dispute still exists is because of a few points: difficulty of care, habits of the animal, and financial obligation tied to the animal. In this comparison, it is assumed both animals have no physical deformities or other conditions that would otherwise impact all three of the categories being analyzed. To begin with, dogs and cats have different requirements to keep them happy. Difficulty …show more content…
Dogs and cats are similar in adoption costs and food, but have significant differences in other areas. For example, dogs must have a yard to play in, so most owners decide to get some type of fence installed. Depending on yard size and quality, fences can cost $500 or more. This problem is non-existent with cats as they stay indoors. Furthermore, many apartment buildings or rental homes require a deposit to be made for an animal, but is usually higher in cost for dogs. Dogs also have to be walked, and some parks require passes that can be around fifty dollars a year. Cat owners do not have this expense. Another expense cat owners do not have that dog owners do have is boarding costs. Leaving the dog at a kennel can be upwards of $200 a weekend. However, given that dogs go outside for the bathroom, owners do not have to buy litter. Cat litter costs around thirty dollars every few months. Dogs need flea, tick, and heart-worm medicine regularly, but indoor cats do not. This medicine differs in price depending on the size of the dog; the larger they are the more they cost. This is a general rule when it comes to dogs; the bigger the dog, the bigger the price tag attached to it. These prices were averaged and rounded from a variety of sites because prices change frequently. Overall, dogs have more costs attributed to them because of their outdoor lifestyle and need for constant

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