Owning A Pet Essay

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Humans are not the only best friends you can have. Pets are most commonly found in people’s home all around the world. Whether the pet is a dog, cat, bird, turtle, or even a snake, each pet shares a beneficial factor in a person's daily life. When thinking of owning a pet, most people think of all the responsibility and time that is involved in the process. This ideology is true because owning a pet can be inflexible to a person’s schedule; however, many people tend to overlook the many positive effects of owning a pet has. Owning a pet can influence one's personal health issues, while providing unconditional love to their owner. Also, owning a pet is beneficial to both the owner and the pet in various ways. Pets are a constant source of comfort, …show more content…
You will never be bored or lonely if you have a companion animal at home. Pets are a great form of emotional support and help with increasing the chemical levels in the brain which produce happiness. When having a rough day people often confide in their pet rather than an actual person (although they cannot speak back.) Maybe that's why they are so special. For many years, pets have become a support system in a person’s daily life. From helping the ill, searching for crime, or just simply protecting their owner, pets have the ability to make owners feel more secure. They can be trained to help detect seizures in neurologically ill owners. They can even offer physical rehabilitation to help their human companions recover from illness, surgery, or even trauma. Pets innately know when we need them most, which gives us a feeling of belonging and a self­esteem boost. Most pets are known to act as a guard of the home. They are often able to sense dangerous people and potential situations. A German shepherd is an excellent example of how an animal can be a reliable support system. They are often used for police dogs because of their loyalty and intelligence. When owning a pet you will not ever have to question its loyalty. Most people are found happier going home whenever they know they will have their pet there to welcome them back from a day out. By owning a pet, you are not just benefiting yourself, but also the well being of the animal. Whether you adopt, buy, or rescue, you are likely saving an animals life. Owning a pet prevents the ability of it not ending up in a shelter or becoming a

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