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  • Theme Of Isolation In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

    The narrator finds him “a bounded slave” (9) to “an anomalous species of terror” (9). Furthermore, the narrator characterizes Roderick’s voice as that of a “lost drunkard, or the irreclaimable eater of opium” (9), as if Roderick lives in a mad delirium. Fear controls his life to such an extent that he cannot think rationally, as he tells the narrator, “I must abandon life and reason together” (10). Roderick’s sister, Madeline, whom the narrator details as Roderick’s “tenderly beloved” (10) and “his sole companion for long years” (10), also lives in madness. Since she suffers from catalepsy, she experiences death-like states while seizing. She remains in physical darkness and Roderick in mental darkness. Roderick tells the narrator he senses and fears Madeline’s near death as well as his own. His mind clouded by terror, not even literature, music, or arts, which Roderick used to enjoy, can relieve him. His mind cannot escape; his imagination cannot fly. The Ushers remain confined in their isolation, stuck inside their own hell, just as the rooms of the House of Usher seem “inaccessible from within”…

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  • Rise Of Usher

    managed to escape the fallen house because if the narrator was still inside the house he would have died himself too. “The narrator arrives at the Usher mansion after receiving a letter from his childhood friend, Roderick Usher, whom he has not seen in many years and who has succumbed to a peculiar malady described as both a “bodily illness” and a“mentaldisorder” (91). The sickness, which Roderick terms “a constitutional and a family evil,” manifests itself in his extreme sensitivity to stimuli…

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  • The Fall Of The House Of Usher Essay

    The Fall of a Family In Edgar Allen Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher, Roderick Usher is reminded of life’s simple enjoyments during a visit with a childhood friend; Roderick realizes the emptiness in his life and his regrettable past. This realization preys heavily on Roderick’s already sickened mind and drives him into a deeper depression. He develops an increasing hatred for his sister Madeline, whose chronic physical illnesses and infertility, becomes, in his mind, the reason for the…

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  • Edgar Allen Poe's The Premature Burial

    Part A Edgar Allen Poe's short story The Premature Burial explores the narrator's fear of being buried alive. The theme is that you can overcome your fears as long as you don't focus on the dark and dreary things in life. Throughout the whole story, the narrator is consumed by his fears. He has catalepsy, which is a physical condition in which the person cannot move or speak. This condition can last from hours to months! The narrator does not want to be alone but he does not want to be around…

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  • Summary Of The Premature Burial By Edgar Allan Poe

    written about in this short story. “I need to remind the reader that, from the long and weird catalogue of human miseries, I might have selected many individual instances more replete with essential suffering than any of these vast generalities of disaster.” Poe supports his short story the premature burial by stating there is a disease that makes it seem that you are dead. “Fearful indeed the suspicion -- but more fearful the doom! It may be asserted, without hesitation, that no event is so…

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  • Usher Downfall

    interpreted as the houses decaying fragments, as in the actual building materials used for the house, were washing past the narrator’s feet. It could also have a deeper meaning. It could mean that the house represented the Usher family like, and as it was destroyed, so was the lineage. “...identified the two as to merge the original title of the estate in the quaint and equivocal appellation of the "House of Usher" --an appellation which seemed to include, in the minds of the peasantry who used…

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  • House Of Usher Response

    notices a crack that runs from the roof to the front of the house. Roderick Usher is the owner the House of Usher. Roderick Usher and Madeline Usher are the only two family members that are left from the Usher bloodline. The Usher family is very well know for being good at the arts. When the narrator walks into the House of Usher and sees his boyhood friend more ill than he expected. Roderick Usher’s five senses do not work much anymore. Roderick Usher lives in the mansion with his sister…

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  • Death And Dying In Gothic Literature

    the impact that death and mortality have on humanity. The “Masque of the Red Death” was about how an atrocious disease called the “Red Death.” The disease was fatal and horrid and killed half the kingdom while Prince Prospero stood back and watched and did not seem to care about his poor, dying peers. All things considered, Prince Prospero decides to let the people take care of themselves and shuts him and his favorite knights and ladies up in the castle leaving all of his innocent citizens to…

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  • The Fall Of The House Of Usher Character Analysis

    Foremost, Roderick’s odd behavior is shown through the way he presents himself and his loss of energy, which may be evident to his depression. In this next quote Roderick appears to be suffering from a depression which distorts his perception “He suffered much from a morbid acuteness of the senses;”. As I continue to ponder Roderick throughout the text, the narrator expresses “Her decease,” he said, with a bitterness which I can never forget, “would leave him (him the hopeless and the frail)…

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  • The Fall Of The House Of Usher Rhetorical Analysis

    and the Prince 's living conditions. Prince Prospero and his ‘‘thousand friends’’ seal themselves into his castle in an attempt to ‘‘defy contagion’’ and escape the clutches of the Red Death. The situation of Prince Prospero and his men refers to man 's nature. Every human being tries to shut himself against death as possible as he can. Unlike the three previous stories, fear of death in Poe 's story, "The Premature Burial"(1844), has a new form. The narrator has an unhealthy obsession with…

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