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  • Episode 5 Episode 3

    The next episode of “Legends of Tomorrow” will see Sara Lance embark on a new and dangerous secret mission on top of her other tasks. In “Legends of Tomorrow” season 5 episode 5, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) will work with Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller), Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee), and Jax Jefferson (Franz Drameh) to save Martin Stein (Victor Garber), Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell), and Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) from a Russian Gulag in 1986. In addition, Sara will also go on another dangerous mission during the next episode titled “Fail-Safe,” according to Design & Trend. Based on the official synopsis for “Legends of Tomorrow” season 5 episode 5, the three Legends have been captured and kept in a Russian Gulag during the Cold War. Leonard will…

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  • Cameron Life Episode VI A New Hope

    Cameron’s Life: Episode VI a New Hope. In life there are many definite ends like finishing a bowl of pasta, finishing a 4-5 page paper your professor gives to you to finish in two days (I know, what the heck), or leaving a soccer club. At these ends, there are beginnings, eating more food because that 's all I do, starting another paper (Please don 't), and going to a new soccer club. During the intervals between a definite start, and definite ending, there are many small beginnings and…

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  • Does Watching TV Make You Smarter?

    Therefore, there are people that argues than watching TV is actually good because it allows their brain to function in a different way. Steven Johnson, the author of “Watching TV Makes You Smarter” himself states, “You have to focus to follow the plot, and focusing you’re exercising the parts of your brain the map social networks, that fill in missing information, that connect multiple narrative threads” (Johnson 292). It exists many TV shows that makes people follow the plot from the beginning…

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  • Knot's Landing Character Analysis

    Knot’s Landing had many protagonists throughout its 14 year run, and the episode in question had at least 12 protagonists. That may seem like a lot of protagonists to follow, but the show does a good job of simplifying this, by making the characters already related to one another in some way or another. Here are a few examples, Val and Gary are married; Lilimae is Val’s mother; Joe is Karen’s brother; Diana is her some and Abby is her sister-in-law. Having the characters be related to one…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Effect

    character fall to his death in order to save the lives of those close to him, then die in the arms of his best friend John Watson, and finally cut to a scene of Watson visiting Sherlock’s grave …only then to have Sherlock reappear out of sight from the other characters, alive and well, watching the aftermath that his death has caused (www.pbs.org). This particular plot device follows Mittell’s guidelines for operational aesthetics in that it leaves the audience not asking “What happened?” but…

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  • Malcom In The Middle Analysis

    The mother then goes on by giving the boys a lecture. In this episode, Malcom also gets told he has a high IQ. In one of the scenes of episode you can tell the house is a mess and disorganized. The mother is trying to do the laundry with no top on. The mother also tells the boys to get the door when the doorbell rings however; instead they start fighting. The mother ends up opening the door with no top on. While at the eating table, the mother states about Malcom high IQ and how she is so…

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  • Analysis Of Television: Working Conditions And TV Jobs

    Cops don’t experience shoot outs every day, half their day or sometimes more is spent on doing paperwork, doctors don’t receive mesmerizing cases everyday nor do they save every patient they encounter. Many aspects that TV presents about career life and choices isn’t accurate and yet these shows remain and act as socializing factors for young adults, teenagers, and even real adults who have yet to choose their career path. For exercise one: Working Conditions and TV jobs, I decided to analyze…

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  • The Netflix Business Model

    There once was a time when watching a television show viewers loved the suspense of waiting another week to see the next episode. With the change in technology viewers no longer have to wait that long. With the change in technology viewers no longer have the suspense of waiting a week for the next episode. There are many people who don’t mind sitting down in front of the television, tablet, or computer screen and watch an entire season, that consist of 10 plus episodes, of a specific TV show in…

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  • Timeless

    “Timeless” is marketed to anyone who is looking for a very interesting show with a new take on time travel. The show centers on key points in history, for example the second episode went back to assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the villain was trying to kill all of the people who were supposed to die that night. President Lincoln still died, but John Wilkes Booth did not kill him. In the first episode, the team went back to the Hindenburg and first made it possible that the Hindenburg did…

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  • Court Observation Report

    You can see many elements that are common to a courtroom such as, tables and benches made out of wood and are evenly situated among the room. The audience members are more than welcome to sit in the benches in the back facing the judge. There are also two tables and seating for both the defendant and the plaintiff which happens to be angled towards the focus of the judge’s bench. Another comparison that the series showed was the conducting of cross-examination. The judges ask questions to one…

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